Saturday, March 2, 2013

Orly Green with Envy and Haul Swatches

Hey there!  I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

I think my nails are screaming for winter to be over!  My middle and index fingers keep breaking and corners keep chipping from the dry indoor heat and frequent handwashing. So I had to file them all down and some are squoval and some are square.  Some nail website actually recommended to "limit handwashing" during winter months to prevent breakages. Really?! This is cold and flu season! I'm still going to wash my hands, my nails will just be short, so what, big deal!

Well, it is March and all the new polish collections are out!  I went over to Sally's and bought a few items.  First I'll show you a quick swatch and then my haul.

I can't seem to get enough teal this winter. Here's another one, Orly's Green with Envy. This is an old polish but a good one. It goes on sheer and milky, cloudy even. Reminds me of milk glass. It dries really glossy. If your the type that likes to skip out on top coat this one's for you!  Above is two coats with Out the Door top coat. I always wear top coat and base coats. ALWAYS.

Above is my haul.  The cashier gave me two free mini bottles of Orly argan cuticle oil. I haven't tried it yet.

Oh and the new Finger Paints collection comes with a free cocktail ring.  The bands are elastic, but it's still too big for me, even if I wear it on my thumb.  My ring finger is size 5.5, in case your wondering. If your a normal sized person, the rings will probably fit. I have to say the quality isn't too bad for a freebie. The ring is metal and the rhinestones are decent.

Below are swatches on a nail wheel, as they are, with no top coat.

Skinny Dip dries matte and has a iridescent sheen that's hard to see in this picture.

Peaceful Opposition is like a jelly sandwich in a bottle. PO is a sheer white with silver, square and hex glitter.

Itsy Bitsy Spider has a strong blue shimmer that is also hard to see.

I'm a bit disappointed in Moasic Madness and Razzle Me Dazzle me.  I thought they were black jellies with glitter, but they're not.  They kind of look messy to me.

Budding Romance has a really nice creamy formula.  I can't wait to wear that one, seems more appropriate for fall though.

Dandy Lyin Around is a white polish with a nice white, subtle iridescent shimmer to it. I have to return this one, it has a bad cap and I can't get it to close properly.  So if Sally's does not have another bottle you won't get to see this one on my hands later.

Well, that is it for now.  I will be posting my ABC challenge late next week because I have to go out of town to see my parents.  Until then... happy polishing!


  1. Haha, limit handwashing? That's kind of gross if you think about it xD Your nails look really nice at this length! And that teal looks amazing on you <3

    1. The length is comfortable too! Thanks, Steamy.

  2. Okay no handwashing through the winter! Good idea! Hey and even more on long nails, where grossiness gets stuck underneath. But no worries, everything you'll catch will be worth it because your nails will be long and perfect. The echosystem underneath will be uber happy too..! Nay.

    Great haul ^^ And I am sure this argan cuticle oil will work wonders, apparently argan oil is super moisturizing :)

    I am afraid I'd need to layer Green with Envy ;)

    1. That's true, short nails are cleaner. I remember you don't really like sheers too much. Well, this one is nice and it covers well in two coats.

  3. My nails always chip and break the same way but I'd rather keep them short than not wash my hands. I eat too many finger foods like crisps and chocolate to not wash them Lol. It's weird to see that kind of orly bottle but the shade looks nice.
    The mosaic madness swatch looks gorgeous too.

    1. Yes these are the new orly bottles. Do you like them? I really like the cap. I'm still trying to figure out a nice way to wear Mosaic madness... we shall see. Thank so much for commenting.

  4. What a gorgeous teal! I usually tend towards the bluer shades, but this really is a beauty. I love how that "milky" look you mentioned makes it look a little bit like jade too. Definitely going to be keeping an eye out for this one.

    Have a great trip, Jenni! ^_^

  5. I'll be interested to hear how you like the Orly argan cuticle oil. I haven't seen or tried that yet, but am always looking for new moisturizing stuff for my poor dry hands and nails.