Wednesday, April 24, 2013

P: Peaceful Opposition, Orly

Hey there! Quick ABC challenge post today. Here is Peaceful Opposition, by Orly, from the 2013 Hope and Freedom collection.  A sheer white polish with silver hex and square glitters.  The formula doesn't level out very well so it looks a bit streaky but that's the norm for these milky sheers. I just did one coat under a top coat. Super fast mani with no cuticle clean up. Gotta love that.

So that is it for today. Check out the other ladies below!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Crabtree & Evelyn - Tomato Nail Polish

Hey there!  Did you know Crabtree and Evelyn makes nail polish? Neither did I, until a couple of weeks ago. I bumped in to their collection while surfing on their website.  They have a basic collection of 21 colors. I bought just one, Tomato, because it was the only one that seemed to call out to me.

Tomato is a highly pigmented bright red with golden shimmer. Really nice formula, no issues and glides on very nicely. The brush is kind of small but it was really easy to control. I hardly had to clean up my cuticles. A very good thing!

Below is two coats with INM out the door top coat.

I haven't been by their store to see if they sell their polishes there, but online they are $6 for 15 mls.  I picked up some hand cream and shampoo to justify the $10 shipping fee. If I didn't already have so many bottles of similar colors I would have bought more for sure.

I've spent the morning watching the manhunt going on in Watertown, Mass.  I hope they catch the last bomber alive, because there are so many questions!

Until next time!  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O: On Her Majesty's Secret Service, OPI vs Winter Wonder, Sinful Colors

It's Wednesday!  Like I need to remind you.

For the letter "O" I swatched OPI's On Her Majesty's Secret Service, from the 007 collection.  This is the only polish I bought from the set. OHMSS is a nice blue, grey, metallic foil with multicolored shimmer/micro glitter. Formula's a bit thin, but not problematic at all. Below is three coats.

I include the picture below because in the top two finger you can really see the small glitters sparkle.

A couple of weeks after I bought OHMSS, I found Winter Wonder from Sinful Colors, they are dead on dupes.

Below is one coat of each polish.

AND a bottle shot, for those of you who like to look at bottles, such as me!

Neither of these polishes are in stores anymore, but they are online. Online the prices are all over the place, but when they are in stores, OPI is $8 and SC is $2 here in the states.

Meet my cat, Demi. I woke her from a nap with the camera. She's my buddy. In the last couple of years has become quite attached to me and likes to sit with me while I paint my nails.

So that is it for today!

Friday, April 12, 2013

N: Nirvana, Sinful Colors

Hey there!  I'm a little late this week because I've been stuck at work, with no time to post.  This week's N mani is featuring a work-safe color, Nirvana by Sinful Colors.

Here's a swatch.  Two coats with IMN out the door top coat.

The label says this is a matte polish, but it dries shiny. I waited 10 minutes to see if it would turn matte, but it did not.  Maybe it's a mislabel?

I added glitter to one accent nail, to keep it interesting yet understated.  This is Rockets Red Glare from Orly.  I love how this is a true red glitter.

Above is before top coat, and I broke my middle finger nail hauling my printer up and down the stairs trying to figure out the router situation last week.  Then my index fingernail cracked yesterday. I don't know how, I just looked down and there was this huge crack.  So I'll just have to deal with short nails for a little while.

Below is the glitter with top coat.  I love red and brown together!

We finally got moving along in the bedroom again. I am sore from all the squatting and bending over. I think I'm out of shape!

Well below is the foyer looking into the bedroom. If you remember this floor had that awful blue slate that we chiseled up.

And here is the bedroom. The floor is completely covered, but we are still far from finished. I still have to install shoe molding and fix the baseboards and windowsills.

If you are just tuning in, click back to see the progress.  The purple walls and dirty carpet seem like a distant memory now.

I have to work all weekend so I definitely will not be posting until next Wednesday, hopefully.  I'm having a hard time keeping up this year...  I do miss reading all the nail blogs out there.  So that is it for now.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

M: Mystery, OPI Designer Series

Hey ladies!

Sorry I've been missing for a bit, but life has just been a bit crazy.  First for today's ABC challenge, "M" I chose Mystery by OPI, part of their designer series, number 037 if your a collector.  I'm in the mood for pastels, but I don't have many M polishes so I apologize if this really isn't spring appropriate.  Below is two coats.

Mystery is a dark purple jelly with gold flakies.... supposedly this has "diamond dust" in it.... whatever, I'm NOT impressed.

I missed the letter L, last week.  I spent a few days in Montreal, Canada for my birthday.

View from our hotel room.  We stayed at Auberge du Morency, St. Hippolyte, Quebec.

Hubby and I in front of Notre Dame, Montreal, Canada.

Me at the biodome.

I caught a nice picture of two beavers swimming in the water together.  Also at the Biodome.  Here they come.

There they go!

Yes it was cold but we had a nice time. I've been back for several days, and it still feels like winter down here too.

How's the bedroom coming along? We are stuck at a stand still, waiting for miter saw parts. When it rains it pours.  Aside from going away, and working.... we have been distracted with a three broken toilets, (yes three), a leaking water heater and malfunctioning water pressure valve. The water heater and toilets are all 28 years old, so it was just a matter of time that they all stopped working, at the same time! Not to worry, we got a plumber in and he fixed everything, for $2400. So now I have three brand new toilets, and when ever I turn on a faucet, or flush a toilet, I don't hear a fog horn sound, and thankfully I have hot water too! Gotta be grateful right?

Plus my wireless router started to die and I did not have internet access for a few days. I bought a new router which took me 10 minutes to install and work, but the printers were not picking up the signal, so I spent four hours one evening to get every piece of technology in sync with the new router. Let's just say my patience has been tested the last couple of weeks.

I installed a Linksys N900 dual band router.  If anyone has that router, I'd love to hear your thoughts.  I went from a single band 802.11g to a dual band 802.11n, but I haven't noticed any improvement in speed or range. I'm thinking I should have gotten a cheaper one. ??

Well that's it for today!