Sunday, August 12, 2012

Two Leibsters!

Another Leibster! Two Leibsters!

Sohni at The Manicurette, and Jennifer from both nominated me for another Leibster award. I was nominated last month, but hey, it’s an honor to be recognized! Littlejsnailcorner is a brand new blog with lots of beautiful swatches of indie polishes. I don’t know how Jennifer gets her hands on all of these polishes, but she does. Indie polishes are super hot right now, so if you want to get your finger on the pulse, check out Jennifer’s blog!

The Manicurette is also brand new and has really cool swatches of various brands but it look like she has lots of A-Englands, another indie brand. Please drop by and check out these two highly skilled ladies!

I would prefer it if you just went to littlejsnailcorner or the Manicurette and not read the rest of this post! I bore myself. Really!

11 Random facts about me

OMG! {deep breath}, here we go.

I have one cat and one dog.
I’m married.
I’m a Dragon and an Aries.
I dream of raising backyard chickens.
I was born in Chicago; I grew up in the ‘burbs of Washington, DC.
I hope to have a somewhat different life by age 40.
My house is a money pit, and the next one will probably be too.
I spent the first 30-35 years of my life trying to please my parents.
I’m concerned about environmental decline and scarce resources.
I significantly decreased my consumption of red meat and fried foods this year.
I don’t want to end up in a nursing home, or worst yet, dying in a hospital. I want to die in my sleep with dignity, in my own home.


Some of the questions were repeats so there are less than 22, but more than 11.
1. When did you start blogging?

November 2011

2. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

This list is pretty long…..but I’ll keep it really short.

I really wish I could afford to live in France a part of every year.

3. If you were stuck on an island what are the top five things you need?

Clean water
Proper sewage
I’m adding 6. My eyeglasses, I’m blind, I really need them.
I’m pragmatic, most of the time. Can you tell?

4. What's your favorite nail polish color?

When I’m in a store and there is an array of nail polish in front of me, my arm just automatically reaches for the blue bottles. I can’t help it and I don’t know why my arm just goes there. However, I do have to add, I get the most compliments when I’m wearing any shade of red.

5. How many bottles of polish do you own?

It has to be somewhere between 250-275 bottles. This will change tomorrow.

6. What color do you have the most of in your collection?

Blue. I think I have about 30 bottles, but I have way more glitter than anything else, about 50 of those.

7. What is your first memory of nail polish?

I stole a bottle of Avon polish from my mom when I was 9, it was a dark pink.

8. What do your friends/family think of your hobby?

Some of my friends are amazed and impressed. Many of them don’t care. My husband likes it; I think my nail polish obsession keeps me out of his hair. My parents don’t know about it. My dad wouldn’t care. My mom would totally freak out and start lecturing me about being frugal or some crap like that. Yes, my mom will still lecture me even though I am damn near 40 years old! What’s strange though is when she does visit she insists, INSISTS on cooking meals for me and doing my laundry! She would not do this for me when I was a teenager, when I desperately needed her services!

9. What would be your dream polish?

I don’t know, but it has to be a jelly with glitter in it.

10. What trends do you love?

The organic, locally grown, food movement.

11. What's your favorite make up brand?

Laura Mercier. I say that as a default. It was my wedding makeup. I sat through a long make up educational session so I know the most about that brand. For the longest time I wore her foundation primer as a moisturizer, without foundation. I know, super silly, but I really liked the scent, its lightweight and I found it refreshing. I stopped because I needed more moisture in the winters. Now I use Lumene’s Artic Aqua as a super lightweight summer moisturizer. I rarely wear makeup, btw. I can’t stand it on my face for more than four hours. I tend to want to just rub it all off after a while.

12. Who do you look up to and why?

I guess right now, it has to be Barack Obama. The American health care system is headed toward failure and he had the courage to draft unpopular legislation in attempt to address fraud and unfair practices at the expense of patients. I am so relieved that the Supreme Court has deemed the new health care act as constitutional and we can go forward with meeting new regulations and guidelines. I also look up to Obama because even though he is heavily criticized, he handles it very well. He has the great ability to drown out noise, keep working, and make sound decisions by sticking to his core values.

This is a little off topic but there is a really good documentary on call “Do No Harm” it just scratches the surface on corruption in American health care and presents a strong argument for why everyone should have health insurance. A real eye opener and it is sad that there is no protection for whistle blowers. I highly recommend this documentary.

13. What are your hobbies other than blogging?

Shopping and photography. I used to cook, now that I do my nails, I don’t cook as much.

14. What is something you love, but everyone else hates?

Big frilly lace collars, turtlenecks, Victorian boots and puritan shoes. Puritan shoes are squared off toes with a square buckle on the vamp. I’m a closet steampunker. If I dressed all out steampunk style people would think I came from an insane asylum. There are only small hints of this in my wardrobe, fortunately or unfortunately? I like to buy stuff like this but then it sits in my closet unworn.

15. What trends do you hate?

Skinny jeans and crocs. I’ve tried to like skinny jeans, but I just can’t kid myself. Oh, celebrity brands! Why won’t Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian just go away!

16. If you won a million dollars what would you do with it?

Pay off my house and keep working. A million dollars just doesn’t go very far these days. Now don’t get me wrong, I would be ecstatic to have a million dollars handed to me. Would a million dollars improve my life? Absolutely! Could I pay everything off and stop working for the rest of my life? Unfortunately, no….

17. What are your pet peeves?

I hate to see people in public with their PJ’s on. Please, we live in a civilized society, right? Put some clothes on!

My neighbors cannot go more than 5 minutes without electricity before they rev up their generators, which make so much noise, and burn lots of gasoline. Sometimes, I really hate the suburban mentality.

People who make no effort whatsoever to control their screaming and unruly children.

People whose conversation style is monologue and one-up-yas.

People who don’t wash their hands after using the restroom.

I could go on and on. Let’s not! I think that’s enough.

Okay, the last time I did this it took me FOREVER to find bloggers who have less than 200 followers without tagging back. So I am breaking the rules and just tagging some people who haven’t been recently tagged.

My 11 questions for you, the nominated.

Why do you think people follow your blog?
What are you looking forward to this week/month?
What have the last few years taught you?
What would I find in your refrigerator right now?
Who do you like best, you mom or dad?
How many close friends do you have?
If you won $20 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?
What was the last movie you went to see?
What is the last book you read?
Age and do you feel your age?
Is human population growth a good thing?

The nominated.

I really love how NailNarcotics handled her Leibster, and I’m following her method. So the comments section is open for anyone leave a link to your blog and of course comment. There is no pressure to tag or answer all these questions if you don’t want to.


  1. oh funny, your story about your mom insisting on cooking and doing laundry!

    i also feel you about pleasing your parents. i sure dont have that number of yrs down my belt but at the rate im going, i wont be surprised that when i turn thirty, i end up like that... and wth the 1million dollars. if i live in the philippines w one one million dollars i think its a diff thing. but if i live there w one million, i agree. i dont think it would go far... with my projected debt!

    1. It has been interesting to see how the relationships between child and parent evolves over the life span.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Jenni! P.S. Lace collars are gorgeous!

  3. Your so sweet Jenni! Thanks for the shout and I get all my indies from plain old FB stalking lol!

    I really enjoyed reading all your answers. I think my mom would freak too about how many polishes I have and I'm pretty sure I'll be treated like a teenager forever by my mom too lol.

    Oh and the tidbit on celebrity brands, celebrity perfumes need to DIEEEE! No more please!

    1. FB... I'm so bad at that! I am overwhelmed by all the internet accounts I have to manage. This might be why I have few followers...

  4. Loved reading your answers!! thanks for thinking of me for this! :) My SO supports my hobby too.. but probably so I don't bug him about his video games, lol.

    i think we have much in common :)

  5. Jenni! I wondered where you were, I was going to comment on your previous post "Is everything okay?" but I'm glad to know you were working on this amazing award post! :)
    There's so much content I don't know what to start with. Let's just say I agree with you in many many points (crazy moms, Barack Obama, environmental problems, yelling-uneducated children...). I just love those posts, you may not have a huge mass of comments, but it really helps knowing people a little better, and that lasts!

    1. Thank you for thinking about me, CN!! I've just been stuck at work, you know how that goes.

    2. Sadly I do, but you're hopefully back for good! :D

  6. Heh heh, lovely read! I'm so with you on No. 15 - that celeb part. I'm tired of them. Hey, many thanks for the tag! So thoughtful of you. I've done many similar tags before. So if you are interested, you can read my tags by using the searchbox. No worries if you haven't the time though. Have a great week ahead! :)

  7. congrats on your award, and thanks for passing it onto me!
    as much as i love cars, i'm concerned about the state of the environment as well. i took an ecology course last quarter and the last lecture was about global warming and our current/projected state. i knew that it was pretty bad, but i had no idea HOW bad, and i was pretty shocked by what i learned O___O good to see that there's other people out there who care though! =]

    1. Thank you Sneakerette, and for your thoughtful reply! Sometimes I feel totally hopeless when it comes to the environment.

  8. Still catching up from being gone with my mom--thanks for the award!