Friday, October 26, 2012

Orly - Mermaid Tale

Happy Friday!

Today's post is going to be picture heavy because I had such a hard time capturing the allure of Mermaid Tale, a glitter from Orly's Flash Glam Fx Collection.  Mermaid Tale has green holographic hex glitters mixed with green micro glitter. It really sparkles and flashes aqua, yellow and orange in real life.  I decided to layer one coat over Kiko 374.  Either my skin looks gross or the glitters look flat...  Take a look.

Indirect sunlight.

Lots of aqua flashes.

Yellow shows up on the middle finger.

Pinky finger is clear in this photo.

My skin looks gross but here is a nice shot at the bottle.
I've had this bottle since June and am now just getting to it!  Too many bottles, such little time! I think this would look really pretty over a light blue polish....hmmmm for spring!  Or over a red for Christmas!



  1. You wear this so beautifully! I never would have thought of this polish pairing, but it's so rich and gorgeous. These colours look great together! And haha, I totally know what you mean--I've had this in my untrieds since July, but I keep telling it, "Soon, my little treasure. Soon..." >_<

  2. Same here! I've been saving this beauty since the end of August when I got her! Soon... Soon...

    1. I totally understand, other polishes and circumstances come up and you end up wearing something else... well when the time is right!

  3. That is gorgeous over that Kiko- it just made my lemming list instantly!

  4. It looks beautiful, so I guess it can only be ever better in real life ^^ Over a blue or a grey, Mermaid Tale would be awesome too!

  5. You chose a great base for Mermaid Tale! The glitters just glow! I have to have this polish!

  6. Wowza. I love this combo! Very high impact. :D