Saturday, February 23, 2013

Finger Paints - Cupcake Heaven

Happy Saturday out there!

This weekend I have a really nice pastel to show you. New this spring from Finger Paints is Cupcake Heaven.  Such a beautiful blue teal, I can't seem to stop buying this type of color.  Cupcake Heaven is brighter and more blue than China Glaze's For Audrey, if you need a comparison.  Today I paired it with a copper glitter also from Finger Paints, called Fall of Surprises.

Below is two coats of Cupcake Heaven by itself.  I didn't have any issues formula wise on this but it did dry with my vertical ridges showing and my ridges aren't that deep.  Probably need to remember to wear a ridge filling base coat with this one next time.

I got my bottle at Sally's and now I don't remember the price, plus I think in the last couple of weeks they raised all prices for nail polish.  China Glaze I saw is now $6.49 a bottle if your not a club member.  Oh and the new Finger Paints spring collection comes with a bunch of matching fish eggs - bead thing-y-s.  I skipped out on those.

Side note: Have you seen the new Orly bottles?  I should have taken a picture... oh well.  I hate the new font, looks cheap and they got rid of their signature "O". Bad!  I'm glad they kept the new rubber caps though.

Here's how the room is coming along:

PULL up the carpet!!!

Remove tack board and about 1000 staples with crow bar and screwdriver!  Talk about tedious!  Vacuum up dust, dirt and debris...

This is the entry to my bedroom, which is also the front door, "foyer", not much of one, but it is/was tiled with slate. There's hubby chiseling away to remove the stone and concrete underneath.  What a dirty and messy job. The removal of slate took 6 hours alone, for such a small space, maybe only 25 square feet. Hubby said, "We will see if hard work builds character". After a long day of hammering away, he concluded, "It does not."

If your just now tuning in, click back post by post to see how this all started.

Next we put down new hardwood floors!  I will post again on Wednesday with the ABC challenge hosted by Kimber at Lacquer Korner.  We are working on letter "H".  See you then!


  1. That copper glitter really compliments the turquoise! So pretty <3 and wow, busy busy with the tiles!

  2. I love this! It's so pretty. I really like the pairing of the copper and the turquoise. Great Mani! I'll have to check out those fingerpaints. :)

  3. Cupcakes and mint blue! What's not to love?? Looks great on you! I might try Fall of Surprises with a blue now!

  4. Aaaaah, what a beautiful, beautiful teal! I am physically incapable of restraining myself around these too, Jenni--they're so soothing and pretty and inviting! This really looks fantastic with copper too.

    And ugh, yes, I've seen the new Orly bottles (pics, anyway), and I'm not a fan. Like that they kept the rubber, but you nailed it--the new font looks cheap. :/

    Those renovations are really coming along!!

  5. Hahaha! Poor hubby removing all that! You're ding quite an amazing job together! Maybe this does not buit character but (more) love? ;)

    That mint green in gorgeous, and the formula sounds super nice for such a problem prone color! :) I googled the new Orly bottle, what a FAIL. I don't like them at all!

    1. More love... hahaha, maybe, except if we start to argue about how to do things or if one of us is frustrated. But really he did a great job at removing that slate, I did not have the upper body strength to keep swinging, so big big kudos to him. Thanks for your comments as always CN!

  6. Love the combination of turquoise blue + copper! And I can't wait to see the final pictures of your renovation. :D