Friday, June 8, 2012

Chevron French with Revlon's Red Bikini

Here's my very first chevron french manicure.  I used Orly's Velvet Rope for the tips with plain ol' Scotch tape.  I really loved how this turned out.  Funky frenches are a great way to recycle an old mani by rescuing tip wear. 

How did I do this?  Easy.

Pull about 9-10 inches of Scotch tape and cut them into ten pieces, make sure you cut off the jagged edge from the tear line off so you have a smooth edge.  Place the corner of the tape in the center of the nail, tip facing the edge. 

I know there is very little tip wear here.  After two days, Revlon's quick dry top coat  holds up.

Make sure the edges of the tape are a smooth as possible.  Here you can see it is still not that smooth.  I used a cuticle pusher to smooth mine down.  Pull the tape taut if that doesn't work.  Tape stretches, so just pull. 

If still can't get the tape down smooth and paint seeps underneath, just dip a small brush in acetone, dab on a paper towel and lightly remove the seepage.

Paint the tips.

Pull the tape off right away.  Do not wait for the polish to dry or you might pull off more polish than intended.  Use tweezers to pull the tape if your other hand is wet.

Clean up with a brush and acetone.  Apply top coat.  I used Seche Vite here, because it is such a good leveler, China Glaze's Fastforward top coat is another superior leveler.  The final effect looked as if the purple and red are a seamless layer.  Very smooth and shiny finish. 

The thumb came out perfect, no seepage, and perfect tape placement  Probably because it is my biggest and flattest finger.

There you have it, V French.  I am going to do this again!


  1. I love the red polish. That is so vibrant!

  2. this came out great!!! looove the purple & red combo. Very neatly done, i alwaysss have the seepage w. tape.

  3. love your funky combo! you did a really good job using the tape, i always mess up somehow and end up going back with a brush to touch it up :x

  4. Your technique was great, Jenni! I wouldn't have thought on using tape this way, but it's definitely the easiest waw ^^

  5. You got such great lines with these! Love the pairing of the bright, bold red with the deep, shimmering purple. ;)

  6. Thanks for all the compliments guys! I truly appreciate all the comments!

  7. I made a manicure similar to that!!But the tips were black =)
    if you want you can seehere

    Love your combination! I love purple ^^