Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chevron French with Beverly Hills Plum

Hello out there!

Here is this week's simple work mani.  Instead of traditional smile lines we have V shaped tips.  This was quite striking, a few people wanted to touch and inspect my nails.

Orly's Beverly Hills Plum adds a nice healthy rosy glow to my nail beds.  Natural but enhanced.  Orly is known to add "optical brighteners" to their polishes and I noticed as I was applying Beverly Hills Plum, it has a tiny sparkle to it. 

Well here are my naked nails to compare.

Eeeek!  The tips are yellow! I look like a chain smoker!  Let's cover those up shall we?

I've tried a bunch of different base coats, none of them really work to prevent staining.  I've been wearing Orly's Nail Defense a protein treatment then Orly's Bonder as a base for every manicure for the last month and a half.  I'm still evaluating if that is working or not.....

For a Chevron tutorial look under the How to tab.  Or click here.

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  1. Ooh, I like that Beverly Hills Plum! I've seen it a few times without picking it up, but if it's still there next time, it's definitely coming home with me!

    I stained my nails like crazy months ago by not using a base coat, and I'm still waiting for that stubborn mess to finish growing out. But yeah, even with it, you still build up a bit over time, so if you come up with a good result, I'd love to hear about it!

  2. beautiful mani!
    don't worry, i haven't found the perfect non-staining base either. but it's alright, we always have our nails painted anyway, right?!

  3. Hey Jenni! I LOVE this look, I already told you last time with your purple tips, but I might do this look for next week :) Classic but revisited, gorgeous :)

    As for the base... yeah don't worry we never go with bare nails so you really shouldn't mind! I use All in One Base from Essie and it works great for me, but I don't tend to have my nails stained anyways...

  4. This is great!! I tried once with red and tips in black!!
    =) I wanna try this for sure! May I? hehe