Friday, June 1, 2012

Orly - Bailamos

Hi there! 

Today I have another quickie swatch to show you, Orly's Bailamos.  We dance, yes, well, this shimmery aqua polish does remind me of dancing waters.  Bailamos is such a perfect summer color for the beach, or where-ever you may be this weekend, hopefully some place nice. 

Two super easy coats.  Excellent formula from Orly!  Bailamos is from a summer 2010 collection, but is in regular stock at Sally's Beauty.  Love it!

I leave you with some Enrique Iglesias.  Such a HOTTIE!

Free Enrique+Iglesias+enrique.jpg phone wallpaper by natah
Enrique Iglesias - Bailamos

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  1. What a wonderful colour! It's exactly in my color range for a beach day :)

    As for Enrique, my fellow national... Well, I have to say his music is catchy but let's just say it's not on my top list! I think he's more famous out of his own country!

  2. What a beautiful colour! I've yet to try an Orly that didn't have a great formula, and the shimmer on this one is just gorgeous--not so much that it look frosty but enough to really make it pop!

  3. That is SUPER pretty. i wore something similar to the beach :D -Loving Sunshine