Thursday, August 2, 2012

CQ 568 Vintage

For this week's work mani, I'm wearing CQ's 568 Vintage.  I am totally, madly in love with this off-white creme.  I want to paint all the walls in my house this color.  Well, maybe not all, but a whole bunch of them.  It reminds me of a cozy cottage, decorated with mini floral fabrics and distressed furniture.  I have not seen a neutral quite like this, many of them are muted khaki's but this has just a tiny hint of pink in it.  Two easy coats, too!

The first photo is stopped down 1/3 an exposure value and the second photo is at 0.  I included both to accommodate differences in monitors.  The colors are accurate.  A creamy, clean look.  I so want to add some teal, orange and burnt sienna!

I picked up this little gem at Rite Aid for $3.99.


  1. Wow this color is that opaque in two coats? A gem, just like you said! It's great after a period of crazy colors, and totally work-safe! It's a must in al collection, then, I guess :) Looks great on you also!

    1. Hi, CN! Yes, I've learned with pastels and neutrals like this I have to wait for the first coat to dry before I paint the second coat, or else there's dragging and I have to paint a third coat to even it out, then it becomes goopy mess... So if I just wait for the first coat to throughly dry, the second coat is really easy. Thanks for the compliment!

  2. this color was MADE for you!!! ughhhh i have a new lemming for this nude.. and you know me, i love my brights!!

  3. Wow this color is AMAZING. I don't have many neutrals, but I desperately need to add this to my collection and your nails are so amazing!!

  4. What a dreamy, dreamy creme! Seriously a beautiful shade, and it looks great on you. ^_^