Monday, August 13, 2012

Jim Gaffigan Nails

What? You ask?  I know, this is a lost reference, but I'll explain.

For those of you who don't know who Jim Gaffigan is, he is a comedian who recently released the long awaited "Mr. Universe".  Mr. Universe was filmed recently at the Warner theatre here in D.C. and the backdrop inspired this week's nails.   Gaffigan does a lot of jokes on eating junk food, being lazy and religion.  If your in the mood for comedy, any of Gaffigan's materials will have you LYAO!

Does this look like anything to you?  My husband had no idea what this mani was about.  His first reaction was, "What is that?"

I told him, "It's my Jim Gaffigan nails."

"How is that Jim Gaffigan?"

I reply, "It's the spotlights and the curtains.".....  Oh well, failed nail art I guess.

This took me three and half hours to do, with all the dry time.  I used tape to make the spotlights.  Sinful Colors, Black on Black is the background, and Diana Manicure 1715, 1716 for the blue and yellow, and Funky Fingers blue and purple glitter.  I do have to say Sinful colors, Black on Black is a really nice black to own.  It is a true black with a very nice precise formula.  Not too thick not too thin and was a breeze to apply.  Lots of bang for you buck.  I got it during their 99 cent sale at Walgreens.

Below is a clip from Jim's latest show.  There is a ton of his old material for free on youtube.  I paid the $5 to watch Mr. Universe and it was money well spent!  Very entertaining. 
See the lights in the background?

"The thing about art, Joe, is that it comes from somewhere." -Angelica, Joe vs. the Volcano.



  1. These are so awesomesauce!! I love Jim Gaffigan!

  2. I'm sad to say that I don't know Mr. Gaffigan, but that I KNEW what your mani was before you explained it ;) No fail then! The colors go so well together, it's very very pretty!

  3. Wow, totally awesome mani! I never heard of Mr. Gaffigan, but I will check out the YT video. I love a good laugh!