Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pirate Polish - Sea Monster

Hello out there!!!

Tonight I have another indie glitter to show you, from Pirate Polish called Sea Monster.  Sea Monster is an aqua glitter with some holographic square glitter and matching jumbo hex glitters.  Maybe the jumbo glitters are the monsters in the sea of aqua glitter, which could represent all the plastic trash swirling around in the real ocean.. maybe? 

Well to me, looks like crushed crystals.  It's really pretty, very sparkly, I never once thought of monsters or swirling trash, or seaweed or what ever the heck else is in the sea.... anyhow.  I wore this over three different polishes, so hang on, this is going to be a pic heavy post, and I'll keep the text to a minimum. 

One coat over Sinful Colors Savage

One coat over one of my frankens...

I tried a glitter gradient here, over one of my frankens, I'll post later.

Bottle shot here.

Over a lavender, Sugar Plum Fairy by Funky Fingers.

Artsy photo, I thought the lighting was interesting here. 
Also over Sugar Plum Fairy, click two posts back for a swatch.
Do you like???  I do!!!

The jumbo glitters stick out, but they all do.  Just slap a thick, thick coat of top coat over it and it will be fine.

Pirate Polish is made by the very talented Lacquer Tracker, she has a blog and and etsy store.  Check it out here.  Oh, and her Christmas glitters are out now.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Why do you have to post up such pretty polishes? My wallet is already crying.

  2. damnnn trying to stay away from indies but this is so beautiful! love the square glitterrr

  3. It looks fabulous, my fave is the first shot! Although the glitter is much more evident on the others. And I guess your interpretation of the polish may be right ;) But maybe the transh in the ocean is actually the monster?

    1. Ha ha you are so right the trash is the actual monster!

  4. Hi Jenny! I love how it worked really well as a glitter gradient. :) The square glitter is extra special!

    1. Thank you Kumi! I love the square glitters too!

  5. i love your first pairing of the glitter! i think the base color brings out the colors in the glitter beautifully :3

  6. I'm really glad you're enjoying Sea Monster- I love the layering combinations you came up with for this! And the gradient is gorgeous. Thank you for a lovely review, Jenni!

  7. Oh, wow. This is fabulous!! It looks great over Savage, but it's PERFECT with your franken. ♥