Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sinful Colors - Savage

Hey there!

I have a quick swatch to show you for this weekend.  Savage by Sinful Colors reminds of those polishes that have a rubber-matte like finish.  I didn't have any issues applying this, and the blue is quite bright.  I'm not sure if Sinful intended the finish to dry this way.  Maybe it does dry flat, because is leans neon and some neons dry flat.  Here it is two coats.

I did not add a top coat because I ended up adding an indie glitter on top, called Sea Monster by Priate Polish.  Click here for that post.

If you like mattes, a matte top coat would probably even out the paint. 

That's it for now.  Enjoy.


  1. looove the finish on this! keep forgetting to buy this one...i sense a walgreens trip tomorrow

  2. I havent gotten around perfecting my polish application to achieve that smooth matter surface.. but i think mattes are very interesting especially if you'd paint on an intricate design :D

  3. oh i have this one!! i used it for nail art the very first time i tried it out, and i was surprised cause i had no idea sinful colors did matte finishes!

  4. Wow it is lovely! I have a little something with Sinful polishes, I don't like their consistency (I have three), so I don't venture to try their beautiful colors. But this one is amazing, vibrant and vinyled at the same time ^^ Looks gorgeous on you too!