Friday, November 2, 2012

GIVEAWAY! One Year Anniversary!

Hey everyone!

I'm hosting a small giveaway to celebrate my one year anniversary, which is November 7th!  I certainly have grown quite a bit in a year.  I've met some wonderful people, improved my photography skills and have stopped biting my nails... I think permanently, because I don't have the urge anymore.   So far, I am not bored; none in the least.  I am still excited to read other bloggers' posts and I am constantly amazed at the talent and creativity out there.  So what I'm trying to say is, that you can still count on me to continue to post nail and nail polish related content through 2013.

I've amassed 92 wonderful followers in a year and this is my first giveaway.  Seeing as I don't have many followers and about 300 hits a day, there's a better chance than most,  that if you enter this giveaway, you'll win.

Rules First:

This giveaway is open internationally, but I can not ship to Mexico, Central America, South America, Russia, the Middle East and Africa.  I know... I'm very sorry, (insurance reasons).


You must be a GFC follower, or follow via Bloglovin.

You must leave a link in the comments section to a nail related blog post or you tube video that you have found helpful.  It can be a how-to, nail and hand care, product review, etc.  Please also include what the post or video is about.

Starts now.  Ends November 12, 2013, eastern standard time, midnight.  I will announce the winner on Tuesday morning.


OPI DS Magic, OPI DS Opulence, Badger Shea Butter Cuticle Care Balm (USDA organic!), 2 Revlon Crystal Files.

Good LUCK!

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  1. Funny, my link about what I found helpful was a review for Badger Cuticle Care! I'm also a follower of Nouveau Cheap and I found this post on my blogger dashboard a while ago. G writes a great review about Badger Cuticle Care, which made me go find and buy it. My cuticles couldn't be any happier!

  2. Happy Blogaversary, Jenni Lee!! And many, many more! I just hit 6 months yesterday, and I can't even imagine having a whole year under my belt. ♪♫ Congratulations!! ♫♪

    One thing I both enjoyed reading *and* found quite helpful was the nail shaping series at Loodie, Loodie, Loodie, which you can find here:

    Hope to see you and your blog around for a long, long time! ^_^

  3. Happy Blogaversary! The link I immediately wanted to share was this comprehensive guide to nail polish finishes on the Lacquerized blog: It's too bad she's no longer blogging, but I do come back to her posts sometimes, especially this one! It's excellent. :D

  4. Happy Blogaversary!

    This is a very helpful blogpost about how to clean up after you applied your polish.

  5. Ohhh Happy Blogggiversary! It's so exciting! I am glad you'll be around for the next year, otherwise my top fave blogs list would grow a little solitary! You always post great content, your pictures are truly amazing, and I love just how you write your posts. It's honest, with your personality clearly visible underneath the lines you write, and it's direct. Basically, I love your whole blog.

    But that particular post stayed on my mind (soy based remover); I need to find that shit!

    Great prize, Jenni! Congrats again and good luck to everyone!!

  6. Thank you for doing a giveaway! Happy Blog Anniversary :)

  7. Happy Blog-versary! Polish has really helped me overcome nailbiting permanently too- doesn't it feel great?

    Anyway here is a taped lightning bolt tutorial by Nailside:

    She's my taping heroine, and her how-to's are so thorough, I think even beginners can do them!

  8. I think this video by SimpleLittlePleasues is so helpful when starting out with water marbling. I didn't think the type or water you use mattered, but she clearly demonstrates the differences between different types of water and the results you get.

    Water Marbling FAQ: Filtered vs. Tap Water, Room Temp. vs. Cold

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  10. Thank you for the giveaway! And happy anniversary <3 this video i liiive by! cuticle care is so important for me <3

  11. Happy Anniversary. This is my favourite post on what works best when stamping, colours, finishes and polishes, it's by the amazing Oooh Shinies

  12. Congrats on one year and thank you for the totally awesome giveaway! I found a great link and posted it on my blog for cuticle clean-up, it helped me a lot! lol

  13. Congratulations Jenni!!! You are a great blogger and an even better person :) It's nice having you as a fellow blogger friend! As for a favorite link, it has to be the meganchair method I so often hear about and I feel like everyone should know it!

  14. This is a gradient how-to that I found to be helpful. I follow via GFC - Abby

  15. Wow, this is great!!! I am so impressed. I will compile all this information at the end and do a separate post. Keep going!

  16. congrats jenni! i'm so glad that you've reached this milestone for your blog (:

    i think this is quite an epic post rom chalkboard nails--it's a comparison of all the indie black and white glitters out there!

  17. Congrats on your first blog anniversary!

    I love this gradient tutorial, it helped me so much with my own and hopefully for you too :)

  18. Ahh congratulations, Jenni and happy Blogaversary! Here's to one year and many more :)
    I have really dry cuticles naturally, so this series on cuticle moisture and maintenance really helped me get on track and get rid of those hangnails!

  19. Happy Blogaversary!
    I find this post helpful:
    and the nail art I loved lately:

  20. yay for a year!

    I found this really helpful

  21. I love this galaxy nail art!

  22. I really love this glitter gradient tutorial:

    Thank you for the giveaway! xx

  23. I don't know what is exactly helpful for you, but I think it can be even some nice manicure/nail art and I totally love this one it's supercute.

  24. Woah, this is such a fabulous giveaway! Thanks so much! I don't know what would be something to "suggest", but I really like the look of a lightbox :)