Tuesday, January 1, 2013

OPI Don't Talk Bach To Me

Happy 2013! - Hopefully....

I'm starting the year with an off-beat color, pale yellow leaning green - OPI, Don't talk Bach to me. This is really a pretty soft Dijon mustard color with a slight silver shimmer.  I paired it with Nubar's white polka dot glitter.

I decided to compare DTBTM with ChG's Trendsetter, from last fall's Metro Collection.  Trendsetter is one shade darker, richer and has a stronger shimmer effect than DTBTM.

For fun, I dug around in my fridge for some mustard.  See if you agree, they are pretty close analogies.

Looking at these are really making me hungry, especially the Maille mustard.  I'm going to go find a pretzel and I'll see you guys soon!


  1. Jenni! Welcome back!:D How were your Christmas holidays?
    I had never liked Trendsetter but your pictures really do show its best side! I loved the comparison, by the way! I love Dijon mustard, and especially the one you show has such an interesting texture! I never thought of food-polish comparison, but it was damn fun AND accurate!

    Happy new year, dear Jenni :)

  2. Hello Jenni, that's a nice off beat green to start the year of emerald green with! frankly, im trying to look for an emerald green polish to play around w since its color of the yr! D:

  3. Happy New Year Jenni!

    I love your New Year's nails; so unexpected! Color-wise I prefer Trendsetter because of the stronger shimmer but now I'm lemming both colors. ^_^ I hope this year is awesome for you.

    1. Thank you Adria! Happy new year to you too! I'm so glad you like the color I chose to start the year with. :)