Thursday, January 3, 2013

Top 10 of 2012

Better late than never, a chance to look's my top 10 favorite manicures for 2012. This was not easy, I was so indecisive that I almost decided not to do this list.

1. Revlon Royal

Why?  It's a jelly, it's blue and the color just makes my heart stop.

2. OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest

This broke me down, and I stopped boycotting OPI partly because of this color.  Kind of a big deal.
Love the Germany Collection, BTW.

3. Revlon's Barebones with Brownstone
Barebones gets the most internet traffic on my blog. So here it is with China Glaze's Brownstone. Loved this manicure, I wore it twice to work!

4. CQ Vintage with Confetti - Tasmanian Devil
This neutral is just dreamy and pretty unique.  On pinterest, a few people have pinned this one.  My storage display has the most pins by far.

5. Revlon's Red Bikini by Gucci Westman
This was surprisingly a very flattering red.  I really like how bold and bright this one is. I got a ton of compliments on this, and lots and lots of traffic.

6. China Glaze - Ruby Pumps with Techno.
Two glitters every girl must have!  I got the most enthusiastic comments on this layering.

 (Ruby pumps over a dark vampy red, before Techno was added.)

7. China Glaze - Desert Sun
I've worn this twice.  This is another unique color.  I just love staring at it.

8. Nina Ultra Pro's Burnished Bronze
Super underrated, Nina's, Burnished Bronze is one of the best in their catalog.  A versatile, sophisticated orange.

9. OPI Care to Danse
I've worn this like five times!!!  Super for work.  Sheer, clean and a nice, unique alternative to a sheer nude, pink or white.  This is sandwich-ing Nubar's White Polka Dot glitter.

10. Sinful Colors Leap Flog
I love this color, it made the top ten because I got so many compliments at work on this polish.

I left out so many good ones.... 2012 was a great year for polish.  Everywhere I go the polish racks are half empty messes.  What will captivate us in 2013?

I did two posts today, so click back to see Sinful Colors Envy.  So far I'm doing predominately green manicures for January.


  1. wow i bet it was so hard to choose just ten!!! amazed how you had super great nails all yr round! happy 2013 jenni! miss you!

    1. Thank you Kumi! Now that it's winter, my nails keep breaking! But thanks!

  2. I can't imagine having to choose just ten! All of these are gorgeous! Happy New Year! ^_^

  3. I have to try some Revlon polishes! You have choosen a lot of nice polishes.

    1. Revlon's my favorite drugstore polish.... well sinful colors too. But yes I was surprised but three of them made it to the list but I chose them because they attract so much internet traffic. Thank you Helena!

  4. Omg that blue... I need a true blue in my stash lol Love your picks <3

    1. Thanks Steamy Nails! I OMG at that blue all the time! LOL!

  5. Awesome list- and now I'm craving Revlon Barebones. I especially love how it looks with the red tip!

    1. Thanks! Brownstone is actually a brown, it is very warm though.

  6. Great choices! I love the layering with Techno!

  7. Ah, I may have to track down Revlon, so beautiful. Great top 10 list!