Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sinful Colors - 960 Envy

In my last post Kumi commented that she was in search of the right emerald green, since that is the color of 2013, according to Pantone.  Hmmm.... she had me thinking, what does my green stash look like?  My green collection is pretty small about 13 bottles, not including glitters, or teals.  Well I thought I'm going to try and swatch my green collection for the month of January.  I've already done some of them just click "green" under tags and they will come up.

Today I decided to start with Sinful's Envy which came out just this fall, it looks close to the Pantone emerald... but I don't have a chip so I can't do an exact comparison. Pantone's emerald looks a bit pale to me. I think of a more deeper and darker green when I think of emerald.  Go to and see what you think?  Below is two coats; really nice forumla from Sinful.

Do you have a favorite green polish?

Stay tuned! In a couple of days I'll post another green.


  1. I really like this green! Not too light not too dark, but really rich <3