Sunday, January 8, 2012

China Glaze - Up All Night

Hi out there!  Today I have a gorgeous navy blue with slight shimmer to show you, which reminds me of car paint.  China Glaze's Up All Night (CGUAN) is super shiny, dark as night and durable.  I wore this for three days and only one small chip.  So much better in person than in photographs.

Speaking of photographs, CGUAN was difficult to photograph, since the color is so dark my camera kept wanting average out the exposure, so most of my photos did not come out right.  I try not to do too much editing because I find the photos start to become distorted.  Here I used the bottle cap as a guide for accuracy and then the rest of the picture falls into place. 

For this mani, I used two coats of Orly's nail armor, two coats of CGUAN, and one coat of INM's out the door top coat.  Great formula from China Glaze again!

Have a happy Sunday!


  1. Yeah I find that automatic exposures can be really off depending on what you're shooting (like if I'm shooting a white nail combo, my hands usually look really dark and weird!), so I try to get shots at several exposures and work with the best one. That's a great color btw, is it comparable to CG First Mate? (:

  2. CG's up all night is super dark, much darker than First Mate. First mate is a cream too, so it does quite have the depth that up all night does. But they are both beautiful in their own right and both are great formulas.

    Thanks for asking!!!

  3. It looks great on you! You have made up my mind I definitely need to pick it up asap. *Sigh I have so many issues with my new dslr so I keep using my point and shoot.

  4. ohh that is such a pretty dark color! I love it, it would go well with little black dresses or really any bright colored cocktail dresses I think!

  5. @ Sneakerette - Jeeze I have a few typos in my comment. First mate is a creme, up all night is a shimmer. First mate is a little flatter than up all night.

    @ hklinda - up all night seems very close to the dior tuxedo that you have? I'm using a point and shoot too, here in manual mode though, most of the time macro mode. Panasonic Lumix, with Leica lens.

    @ PoP champagne - Thanks! Its a great color for a night out!

  6. love ur nails and the color looks really nice on you ^^
    glad i've found ur blog! let's keep in touch!