Thursday, January 12, 2012

Deborah Lippmann - Sweet Spot

Hey guys!

I've had Deborah Lippmann's Sweet Spot (DLSS) for a while. This is the second time I'm wearing this polish and to be quite honest, I don't like it. On both occasions I wore this polish for less than a day.  I feel old and outdated wearing this.  It does nothing for my skin tone and the frosty-ness makes me feel like it is 1983.  Would be great with frosted make up and frosted highlights... NOT!  The mauve underneath reminds me of the early 1990's when mauve colored kitchens was the trend....yuck.  The formula is fine.  ... sigh.

DLSS is one of a three polish set called "Fashionista"; Milkshake and Envy Me are the other two polishes from the set and I posted those earlier.  Set was $44. 

My husband bought this for me, he buys all my Lippmann polishes.  He thinks $18 per bottle is a good deal!  :D

When I told him I get China Glaze on sale at Sally's for $5 he was astounded!  He replied that the lady at the cosmetic counter was trying to sell him some $300 face creme, so he felt relieved to leave Neiman's having only spent $18.  Point taken, honey.


  1. LOL omg! i hope that someday, i find a guy who thinks $18 for a polish is cheap too! :D
    have you tried this color on your toes? sometimes colors that i don't like on my fingers actually look reallyyyy good on my toes!

  2. I know! LOL!!! He's a guy and doesn't shop or look around, he just grabs, pays and tries to get out of the store as fast as possible. He hardly buys anything for himself so he uses my stuff, its funny sometimes.

    I will try it on my toes! Great idea!