Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nina Ultra Pro - Never Glum Plum & China Glaze - Techno

This post is going to be a little lengthy because later on, I feature two China Glaze glitters.

Nina Ultra Pro - Never Glum Plum (NGP), is a medium gray creme polish with a teeny tiny touch of purple, maybe.  I really can't see it.  Either way it is still a very pretty gray.  Is it grey or gray?  Well, this is an American blog, so we will go with gray.  NGP was a little watery, but two coats will give you full coverage.  I have used Nina Ultra Pro in the past and find their polishes are quite good.  My favorite of theirs is brushed bronze, the only orange nail polish that I own.  I'll have to swatch that sometime. 

Many bloggers report that Nina Ultra Pro is cruelty free and vegan!  On the back of their bottles, the ingredients are big 3 free, major PLUS! 

In addition, they are quite affordable, I bought my at Sally's back in November for $1.99 each.  Right now they are having a sale on Nina Ultra Pro, for $2.99, I think normally they are $3.99 each.  Bigger Plus!

Last week I found China Glaze's Techno at a beauty supply store for $5.  They had the entire Electropop collection, which are a bunch of bright spring colors I'm not ready for, so I didn't buy any, just Techno.  Techno is a clear polish with big and small holo hex glitters.  You would think, it should not be hard to find a clear polish with holo hex glitters, but it IS!  Revlon makes one, I think, called Sparlking?  I never can find it, its always sold out.  Yes, it is on eBay, but some seller wants $15 for it,  I think not! .... so I was happy to find Techno.

I just did the ring finger on this mani because I really like NGP on its own.  Techno in my humble opinion is a must have glitter in anyone's collection,  it would be great to even layer with other glitters.

On the right hand, I was experimenting with China Glaze's Some Like it Haute.  I applied this glitter on the tip with a big #6 flat brush on top of some stars.  I should have done the glitter first then applied the stars... so backwards!  Oh well.

I posted Some Like it Haute earlier.  See here.

Thoughts or comments?  Are you ready for the Electropop collection or any other spring collection?  I'm ready for warm weather, but I'm still enjoying the dark colors and glitters. 


  1. Is it just me, or does this polish swatch wayyyy darker than it appears in the bottle?
    Lol I spell it grey. Maybe because I like E's since my name is full of them. Orrrr maybe cause that's what all the sneaker releases go by LOL
    Omggg it's such a coincidence that you should mention the Revlon glitter, because I just got back from a walmart run and there was one left!!!
    I really like how you did your nails in the second glitter swatch! It's really dense and I love dense glitters (:

  2. The swatch is darker than in the bottle, good catch. I noticed some black pigment swirls in the bottle and shook the heck out of it. Swirls are still there.... and now there are micro bubbles on nails, you might be able to see them in the first photo middle finger.

    I can't believe you found the Revlon glitter!!!! You lucky dog! I like dense gitters too!

  3. NGP looks great on you and Techno does look awesome. I've been meaning to pick it up but so many other pretties divert me...