Monday, January 16, 2012

Wet N Wild Spoiled Papa-Paparazzi

Wet N Wild Spoiled Papa-Paparazzi (PPZ).  What a find this was!  PPZ is a purple jelly based polish with mostly silver glitter, lesser small purple glitter and slightly larger silver holo hex glitter.  The first day I wore only one coat because I just loved the sheer, subtle, softness of this polish.  Then on the second day I painted my left hand with a second coat to see what it is suppose to look like.  With a second coat the purple became darker, and the glitter, more gritty, as to be expected.  Still pretty.  I like both versions.  I would think it would depend on the mood your in. 

Two coats here.

One coat here.

Two coats up close.

Totally mesmerized by the glitter in the bottle.  I just had to include this photo. 
The base of the bottle is square and the sides are rounded.  I think its a nice design.

The brush is weird, rounded on one side.  Kind of has a cheap feel to it, but it works really well.
This polish was really easy to apply and the brush was really soft and I was able to spread polish on the the entire nail in one stroke on some of my nails, like my pinky and index fingers.  I was able to skip the clean up process entirely. 

I found this buried on the side of an end cap, in a cardboard display, in the seasonal aisle at CVS.  I had to dig to find this one.  $1.99, Made in the USA, interesting... some Wet N Wilds are made in China.

This polish gets an A++!


  1. This is sooo pretty! It looks like a great polish for layering!

  2. Thanks Sneakerette, it would be great for layering, over blue, red, black? I agree!

  3. Cute! I like, but I think I would layer it over a blue or even black.

  4. Super pretty! they're very much comparable to high end polishes, ryt? i need to grab some of these... muah thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Diane,
    Yes the cheaper polishes are very comparable to the expensive brands. With a good base and top coats, cheaper brands do very, very well. Thanks!

  6. This is a really pretty polish! I just picked another one of their glitters yesterday :)