Friday, January 27, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Longwear - Bare Bones

Hello out there!  (Echo)

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a few Revlon colorstay nail polishes from Walgreens during their buy one get one half off sale.  The display said "long lasting, gel like finish", hmmmm.  I'm skeptical about "long lasting..." and I'm not sure I can truly test that, because I rarely wear a color for more than three days; when I start to get bored.  Plus I think chipping is partly dependant upon how well base and top coats are applied.  If I can get a good water tight seal, my polishes will last me. If I miss a spot or the edge starts to wear off and I shower or wash my hands, water begins to seep in under the paint.  Then the water lifts the paint and CHIP. 

Anyways, below is my haul, something for work, something fun, something for spring, so respectively, I picked up bare bones, midnight and provence.  I also pick up a base coat and a top coat because I didn't think I could do a fair review if the base and top coats are suppose to contribute to their gel like finishes.  

My haul. Left to right, top coat, Provence, Midnight, Bare Bones, base coat.

Bare bones is a really nice neutral that reminds me of bathroom tile caulk, you know it comes in bright white, white or almond?  Almond. The formula is kind of tacky and doesn't go on smoothly.  The first coat had a lot of bald spots and did not have good cohesive properties.  The second coat provided nice coverage. The top coat did add a nice shine and did smooth out some dents and unevenness of the second coat.  However compared to other topcoats, the Colorstay top coat was SLOW to dry.  Five minutes dry to touch, 30 minutes until you could go about your business.  Three hours later, I acquired more dents, so I turned to Revlon's quick dry top coat, which did a great job of smoothing the new dents. Dried to touch in one minute, went  about my business in five minutes.  Lifesaver.

Added a second top coat three hours later to eliminate new dents.
Revlon colorstay longwear, $7.99 Walgreens, $8.39 CVS.  I got the topcoat at CVS, it was sold out at my Walgreens.  I thought it was a bit pricey but at least its cruelty free and big 3 free!

Overall I think the polish is okay... I'll have to wear the other two to see how they fair.  More to come.

Have you tried this line?

Update: Check out my post on Revlon's colorstay in Midnight.


  1. can't wait for your other swatches! im especially looking forward to the navy one (;

  2. I know... I need a day off from work! LOL. I keep buying colors and glitters I can't get away with. Thanks for your swift comment. I hit post, blink and your comment was there! LOL! :)

  3. wow it really leaves a nice finish to it! :D

  4. Thank you Kumiko! Top coat does wonders!

  5. Yes, not at all into the base of top coat that goes with this Colorstay system...and I don't need them to get the long wear either. My SV works better for topper and I use Orly Nail Armor for my base. Bare Bones is a nice shade - but I did find the lighter cream shades are thicker. I am tempted to get out my at home model of my UV lamp to see if I can cure dry these so they don't dent. Also, you have to put up with one coat - leave it - let it dry despite the bald spots and the will be able to fix that when the first coat is totally dry and you do your 2nd coat.

  6. Hi Beachgal,

    I'm going to try that approach with pastels from now on. (wait for first coat to completely dry) Thanks!