Thursday, April 26, 2012

Technical Difficulties

I have not disappeared... When it rains it pours, so they saying goes. First, I'm in the middle of re-organizing my home office, so I dismantled my photo area and I haven't been able to take some good pictures. Second, I have some needy co-workers at the moment and thus have not been home to hang out on the computer. Lastly, most devastatingly, I was going to post a swatch of Funky Fingers yesterday when....I get a warning/alert my hard drive is corrupted, blah blah blah... "Enter your credit card to purchase license". I think not! So I turn off my computer and reboot twice.  The warning will not go away and I am locked on this screen that wants my financial information. I was able to do a hard drive restore back to April 20th, but in the process managed to lose all of my photos. ALL OF MY PHOTOS, people! -And a few documents, and some spreadsheets, and PHOTOS. I had about five postings lined up and now they are gone. GONE like dust in the wind! Sigh... Well it serves me right; I've been too lazy to back up and hence my demise.

So, I kindly ask for some patience from my readers, while I pick up the pieces. On Friday and Saturday, I plan on painting my office. I chose a nice, neutral, cream color, called Ballet White, by Benjamin Moore paints.  That will eliminate the blue cast that some of my photos have. I also bought a several bookcases and matching CD/DVD shelves from IKEA and will be putting them together. I plan on storing and organizing all my polishes in the two tall CD shelves. I have outgrown my little wheel cart which was holding about 120 bottles, I might be at 150 now.

Here's a photo to a new beginning, kind of. I bought some ranunculus from the grocery store (they don't have them very often), and they are one of my favorite flowers. The stems look like ostrich necks, and the petals look like intricately layered tissue paper.

More to come!


  1. OHMYGOD I cant totally relate to that! I feel sad to not see those photos you have lined up BUT let's just take pleasure into thinking you'd be shooting once more so you have more reasons to be creative again! :)

    What I normally do instead of saving photos on my drive before posting is i draft it. Like if i have a photo ready for posting but the text isn't complete yet, I draft it so that im sure that i wont lose the photos since they're already hosted.

    Hope that helps!

  2. That's a great idea Kumi, thanks!

  3. omgsh that totally sucks =[

    yeah i do what kumi does too--i always upload my pics right away so i can delete them soon after. i do everything on my laptop and i don't always have my external on me to store my pics. i try to be as space efficient as possible since im on a windows pc and i don't want my laptop slowing down anymore than it should