Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nina Ultra Pro - Burnished Bronze

Earlier I did a post on a half moon mani using Nina Ulta Pro's Burnished Bronze, and today I'll show you a swatch of just this polish by itself because it is a beautiful metallic burnt orange.  If your a fan of orange, this should be in your collection.  AND if you are NOT a fan of orange, this should be in your collection.  I don't own very many oranges, maybe only three. However, I LOVE Burnished Bronze, and I really could care less about the other two.  Deep and rich in color, its probably best for late summer and fall, but oh well, here it is, two coats.

Burnished Bronze could be a thick one coater but the color deepens with the second coat.  The formula is fantastic, even, streak free, and the consistency is just right.  Application was a breeze. 

Nina Ultra Pro is at Sally's for $4.29. If you can catch these on sale they can be a real bargain.  This month they are buy 2 get one free. So three for roughly $8, not too bad. 

Click here to see the half moon mani with China Glaze's Hook and Line, in case you missed it.

Do you have any oranges that you absolutely love?


  1. it's so beautiful! i'm almost always indifferent w orange (even if i love it as a color) bec i know i can't always pull it off BUT this is a very nice burnt orange that i think can be wearable for any occasion :D

  2. this is a really pretty one! it's a really sophisticated orange, and sophisticated is the last word i'd use to describe most oranges haha. so weird that it's named as a bronze, cause it's definitely an orange imo!

  3. Wow I am a sucker for a bright orange! That is gorgeous!!! I have China Glaze Riveting and Cross Iron 360, but this one reminds me of the Cross Iron 360. I haven't swatched it yet but sometime soon I will! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous orange. I like Nina Ultra Pro's quality most of the time, I got a bright blue neon matte (Blaze Blue) that was chiptastic so I won't get any other of their neons....But the other colors ROCK!