Friday, April 13, 2012

China Glaze - Sea Spray

Quick post today, on China Glaze's Sea Spray, from the Anchor's Away collection.  Sea Spray is a light blue grey with subtle silver shimmer, such a soft and calming calming color.  The formula is excellent, two easy coats and goes on like a creme rather than a pastel. 

The shimmer is very subtle, its there, but hard to see. 
You might be able to tell there is kind of a finish to it, it's not real crisp like a true creme is.
Even though Sea Spray is from last year's collection it is in Sally's regular stock China Glaze so this is really easily accessible.  YES! 

Do you have any other colors from the Anchor's Away collection?


  1. Wow that's such a lovely color. I'm wearing a silver gray polish myself right now but yours is the better gray. IDK but I like gray polishes. :D

  2. i agree w/kumi on this one--it's a very lovely color indeed! i saw it on sale w/the rest of the collection a while back cause it didn't grab my attention like some of the others, but i'm kind of regretting that decision after seeing your swatch!