Monday, April 16, 2012

China Glaze Prismatic Liquid Crystal

I have to say if you really love blue and glitter nail polishes, either or both, like I do, you need to get China Glaze's Liquid Crystal from their Prismatic line.  I layered one coat over China Glaze's Sea Spray and here it is, in all it glori-ous-ness. 

A little closer and at a different angle.
Liquid Crystal is jam packed with small silver dusty glitter, and larger multicolor hexagon glitters.  The glitter are suspended in a transparent, blue, and purple duo chrome polish.  From afar it looks as if I'm wearing a light blue metallic polish, but up close it sparkles like mad!

Macro shot.
Incandescent lighting.  Super sparkle-ly, some fingers are blurred to try to capture the sparkle.

Liquid Crystal on the left vs. Full Spectrum on the Right.  Both over Sea Spray.
Glitters are such a great way to recycle an old mani.  I touched up tip wear with Sea Spray and applied one coat of Liquid Crystal.  Since both Liquid Crystal and Full Spectrum are so dense it only took one coat for full effect.  Then I gooped on a final coat of China Glaze's fastforward top coat.  Done!
New mani in 5 minutes!

I was able to find this on a recent trip to Sally's, (they finally restocked), for $5.99!  This month their having a buy 2 get one free sale. 

I review China Glaze's Sea Spray a few days ago, and Full Spectrum a couple of weeks ago.

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  1. omg i loved sea spray the moment i first laid my eyes on it but to crystallize it didn't come across. wow it looks so amazing and i love how it sparkles like crazy! is it really just one coat? amazing!

  2. liquid crystal looks sweet! i saw it during my last trip to ulta, but it was so expensive @____@ nice to see you rockin blingin tips!

  3. @ Kuimko, yes one coat amazing. You could wear them alone and add two coats instead.

    @ Sneakerette: I rarely buy China Glaze at Ulta unless its on sale or I have coupon. They are $7.99 there, vs. $4.99 if you have a Sally's card.