Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Nail Polish Storage & Display

Hi guys,

I've been busy re-organizing and remodeling my home office.  I'm still busy sewing curtains!   I'm not near finished yet but I thought I would share my new nail polish storage solution with you.  First, you have to see the before in order to appreciate the after....

Before I stored my nail polish in this little wheel-y cart, which held at maximum, 120 bottles, 40 per basket, which was about the size of a shoe box.  The top basket held top coats, treatments, base coats and glitters.  The middle basket held neutrals and lights, and bottom basket held dark polishes.  This was an okay solution, but I did have trouble finding things and quickly out grew it.  In the very beginning when I didn't have very many polishes, other supplies were in here like files, remover, lotions etc, it was useful, plus I could wheel it around the house.


Now, ......  TA - DAH!

I went ahead and bought a bookcase set from IKEA.  This is the "Billy" system.  The two bookcases on the sides are classic Billy, and the two shelves that the nail polishes are on are called "Benno".  The Billy system has a bunch of mix and match bookcases, corners cases, doors, cabinets and larger/deeper cases you can buy to suit your space, but I bought two billys and two bennos.  The Benno shelves are adjustable, CD/DVD shelves and are about 6 inches deep.  I spaced mine out equally.  There are 12 shelves per "book case", 24 cubby holes total. 

I currently have 194 bottles of nail polish and these two cases could easily hold more than double what I have.  I estimate at maximum, 480 bottles of nail polish.  I don't know if I'll ever get to that many bottles???
The shelves are 79 inches tall, 12 inches across, 24 inches for the both of them.  All the bookcases are bolted to the wall, as they are not stable, especially on carpet!  The four cases ran me just under $300. 

Top half, zoom in.

Bottom half, zoom in.
As you can see I organized them by color.  I started with reds, and I placed my top coats and base coats at arm level, so I can easily reach them.  My glitters sit above and below my top coats and base coats.  At the bottom are neutrals, sheers, blacks and whites. 

I love this new system.  I can see exactly what I have.  Everything has a home, its neat, organized and is actually nice to look at a rainbow of color. 

How many bottles do you have?  How do you store your polishes?

Now back to remodeling....


  1. I love how you have your polishes stored, they're like a piece of decoration the way they're arranged :D i'm currently over 300 polishes, but i haven't reached 400 yet. i have so many untrieds, so i want to go through all of them and then swap away the ones that i dont absolutely love to keep my stash well edited (: right now, i have all of mine sitting in a 'melmer' :D

  2. omg i love how you stored your polishes! i would totally rock a bookshelf turned nail polish rock someday! i will keep this idea in mind. it does look like a rainbow! :D

  3. It's obviously better than before, big improvement there :D
    Ihave around 130 bottles ATM and store them in two display racks I buy off eBay, it's not so impressive as yours! :)

  4. Thanks guys! I think it turned out better than I expected!

    @ Sneakerette: I have so many untrieds too, I have tried to refrain from buying more polish, but I can only seem to last about a week! LOL! I think its more about the getting than the having sometimes. :)

  5. Big improvement!!! Soo jealous, this is a gorgeous set up!! I need to figure out how I can display some of my pretties. <3 this!