Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sinful Colors 925 I Love You

Quick post today. I have a squishy purple jelly polish with pink glass flecks from Sinful Colors to show you. It's pretty sheer, with two coats you can still see the nail line. I thought about layering this but I haven't found the right undercoat yet. Well, here it is by itself, three coats.

This was super easy to apply, the formula is great, smooth and even!

I've been doing a lot of posts on Sinful Colors because here in the U.S., this is a nice cheap-y, readily available, drugstore brand, and I'm all for cheap thrills.   For my readers outside of the US you can order Sinful Colors online at  it's also available in the UK.  Just google Sinful Colors UK.  I would think ordering from Cherry Culture might be cheaper.  The US dollar is weaker than the Euro and Pound Sterling, so maybe someone can take advantage of the exchange rate?

Where do you buy polish online? 

UPDATE:  I added a swatch to show how the color builds and the pink flecks.


  1. sooo pretty! I have to get it :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. what a pretty purple!!! the shimmer is excellent, makes it have a really nice reflection (: what color is the shimmer though? i can't tell if it's yellow or silver. i recently picked up china glaze grape juice from the sally's buy 2 get one free sale, i wonder if they're anywhere close to dupes??

  3. oh btw, have you thought of layering your zoya flakie over a dark shade? that would make it really pop! i've seen it over pastels as well... super pretty!

  4. @ Kay: Thanks!

    @ Sneakerette: The shimmer is really pink but sometimes, especially in the bottle the color seems to shift to yellow and green too. I haven't seen CG grape juice. HMMM. Yes about Zoya's Chloe, I think I might layer it over a super dark purple. It's hard to think what goes with green and orange?