Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Zoya Dita

Hey guys!

Quick post on this week's work mani.  This week is DRAGGING by.  For those of you still in school, stay as long as you can because working for a living SUCKS!!!

ANYWAYS, Zoya's Dita has been helping me cope.  A purple-based red creme, and super smooth formula, Zoya delivers excellence again.  This is two really easy coats. 

This mani took me 17 minutes to do, not including old nail polish removal.  I started with a clean canvas, one base coat, two color coats and one top coat, a standard mani.  Since this was so easy to apply my clean up process was really minimal.  17 minutes is a record for me. 

How long does it take you to do a standard manicure?  Do you have a record time?


  1. Hey! This polish is classy, I love it! I'm glad it cheers you up this week!
    I don't think I have a record for doing my nails... I mean, not that I know. I usually take my time on Saturdays, but when putting on my mani for the following week, on Sundays, I speed it up. I paint one hand while the other is still wet and let both dry at the same time. I'd say it takes me around a quarter of an hour...

  2. What a beautiful colour! It would probably lobster my hands, but I don't care. It's going straight to the wish list. :)

    I don't even remember the last time I just sat down and did my whole mani at once. I usually put on my base coat, get distracted by the TV, first coat, muck about on the computer for an hour and a half, remember my nails are still only half done but decide to make lunch first... (my attention span is not the greatest ;p)

    1. That's very interesting method! I usually do that with filing and cuticle removal. File, go do something, remove old nail polish... go do something, soak, cuticle removal, moisturize, treatment, go to bed, wake up, paint.

  3. i've heard that work sucks, but i honestly can't wait to start working! school's stressful in the sense that it's really mentally taxing.. my brain always feels fried around time for exams!

    that's a really great color btw, i love how glossy it looks! i've never noticed how long it takes me to do my nails, but i'll try to keep that in mind one day haha (:

    1. Yes school is stressful, I told a friend right after a Chem exam that I thought I was going to get a brain tumor because we had a professor from hell. Her exams were especially tough. Even though, I still look back at those years with envy, I would have savoured more, and taken my time... That window is closed and I can't ever go back, I just have to find a different way.

      I started keeping track of how long it takes to do a mani because some people have asked me or made some snarky comment to me about how I have lots of time on my hands because I don't have children. So I started to wonder myself. I didn't keep track before because I was enjoying the process. I still enjoy the process of taking care of my nails, I find it relaxing.