Monday, July 9, 2012

Color Club Sweet Pea

Hey guys!  Post number 100, amazing.  Today I have another work mani/swatch to show you.  Color Club's Sweet Pea from this Spring's Blossoming Collection.  This was the only color I got from the collection, because I don't really have another color like it.  I would describe it as a slightly dusty pastel purple-pink. 

I wore this for three days, and over that time I decided, I really don't like it.  I felt like an old lady wearing it and its kinda boring.  Pretty in the bottle, boring on my nails, go figure.  I got a few compliments at work though.  I guess it depends on your personal taste.

Formula on this is like other pastels, a bit chalky, and settles in every crevice.  I don't have noticeable ridges but this polish shows that I do.  I used two coats of base coat, three coats of polish and a thick coat of Seche Vite for a smooth and even finish. 


  1. ahh this one is on my list to get..such a sweet color. sorry you no like!

  2. aw well it's still pretty!

    btw I've given you a Liebster on my blog=]

    1. Wow thanks! I will start working on it!

  3. I'm sorry you don't like it cuz I think it's beautiful. Okay, not amazingly unique and all, but quite nice. AND really nice for a base upon which you can do some nail art ;)