Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Essence - Galaelectric

Hey there ladies!

I was planning on layering this polish over a dark color, but I was in the mood for something light and sheer.  Sooooo, Galaelectric is what I reached for, a sheer base with strong blue shimmer duochrome that is mostly blue, but at a sharp angle, flashes pink.  Three will probably cover the nail line but liked it sheer so I stopped at two.  I love the name GALA-elecTRIC!

Once and a while this polish pops up on eBay.  Essence's "holografics" line was out last fall in limited amounts.  The formula was excellent, super smooth.  There something about shimmers that make them really smooth.  I hope they re-release this, because it is way awesome! 

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  1. i love that polish! the name and the finish. your nails look so chic and modern. sad to hear it's not a regular. :( -LovingSunshine

  2. I do too! Hope they release in the U.S.! (I don't think they did, did they?) The Holografics collection is really awesome!

    1. They did last fall via Ulta, in really small amounts. I only got Prismatic white.

  3. I love colors like these...it's like once you layer it over something dark it completely changes the mood of the color! haven't tried them on their own though..I don't have any from this collection but I just love polishes like this.

  4. Jenni! Off topic comment: CONGRATULATIONS on your award! Hope to see your answers soon :D take care!

  5. Such a fitting name, when I saw it I was thinking it would be great layered over a deep purple or blue as the base of a galaxy nail art :) Really good swatches on this post too!



  6. Very pretty! I think this is in my untrieds--I should go see about that.