Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Prorance Diana Manicure #1716

Today I am so excited to show you a lovely gift sent to me from a fellow blogger, Kumiko Mae over at Loving Sunshine.  Kumiko is kind, upbeat and a generous person who blogs mainly about cosmetics and skin care.  Occasionally, she will write posts on book reviews, travel, and empowering women.  I have been most impressed by her posts on contouring makeup and false eyelashes.  As some of you know I've been having a crappy summer, but things are looking up, thanks to Kumiko and my newly repaired AC ($800 later, a couple of electrical components and 2 lbs of freon). 

Here's some of what Kumi sent me:

I've had a chance to wear Diana manicure 1716 (aqua) and the Jelly Pop top coat from Etude House.  I'm going to try to get to the other two later this week. 

The Jelly Top Coat is really nice, it makes my nails hard, shiny and dries fast.  I wore it plain and over Diana Manicure.  So far I like it.  I have yet to wear it over a glitter.  It's big 3 free too!

I can't tell if Diana Manicure has names for their colors. The label is written in Korean and the only thing I can decipher is 1716... So here it is two coats.

Gold shimmer.
1716 is a nice soft aqua with gold shimmer, so perfect for a hot summer.  It really sparkles in the bright sunshine.  The formula is really nice too, smooth and even, this was easy to apply. 

Thank you Kumi! 

Check out Loving Sunshine!  Kumi's always trying to cheer us up, "Think bright, and smile a lot." is how she ends her posts.  I'm might need an entire bottle of anitdepressants to meet Kumi's expectations, but I'll try without!  :D


  1. yey! I'm so happy you liked the nail polish i sent over! im really looking forward to how you judge Jelly Pop cause im no master of top coat (i havent tried a lot) but Jelly Pop works for me so despite my lack of experience, i preach that its the best haha since i know you have major digs on top coats, id love to know how it fares. :D

    i love the aqua shimmer on you. i remember it's summer there so i really had to make sure i get you summer colors :) im glad you liked it AND i invite you to always visit the blog, hopefully so i can help uplift your mood or something, so you don't have to shell out anything on antidepressants!!! :D

    much love!

  2. It looks really nice! The gold shimmer really amps it up.

  3. Looooooks good on you, lady! Very interesting! Can't wait for you to swatch them all! Plus I'm so happy for you that Kumiko sent you her support this way ^^