Tuesday, November 29, 2011

China Glaze - Some like it Haute!

Some people do like it haute, including myself. 

I was in Sally beauty supply the other day and this bottle was **s-p-a-r-k-l-i-n-g** under the halogen display lights.  I was like, WHOA what is that?  Must have MOAR glitter!!! 

China Glaze's Some like it haute, (CGSLIH) is a clear based polish packed, and I mean packed, with silver and black microglitter, with holographic small hex glitter.  Application was easy, smooth and even distribution of gritty glitter.  Dries fast and matte.  I needed two coats of top coat to smooth this out.    Wears well with my heather grey cashmere sweater, and reminds me of salt on blacktop or roofing material.  

Camera lamp - to try to capture sparkle.
This is a beautiful polish, I love it! 

I felt like being a purist, so I used all China Glaze, one coat of strong adhesion base coat, two coats CGSLIH, two coats of CG fast forward top coat.


  1. oh my god that's so nice! it feels (looks) heavy though. But heck. i love glitter polishes :D

  2. Thanks Kumiko! It is a bit heavy.

  3. Hi=)Its my first time here:p
    This one is really pretty!!!I was ordering CH G online this morning =< and I passed on this one!!!now I regretted!!

  4. Welcome Boarbb! You can go back and pick it up on your next haul. :)