Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ulta - Pinata yada yada - New Year's nails!

So here's what happened to my Grin & Berry it mani.  Multicolored hexagon glitter!  Big surprise.  Ulta's Pinata yada yada (PYY) is a clear based, big and small multicolored hex glitter, it screams PARTY.  I think this would be a great mani for New Year's Eve.  2012, can you believe it is almost here?  I love the randomness of glitter polishes.  You never know where and how the glitter is going to land.  So sparkle-ly!  The glitter reminds me of champagne bubbles, or maybe confetti. 

I used one coat Orly's nail defense base, 2 coats Ulta's Grin & Berry it, one coat China Glaze fastforward topcoat, one coat Ulta's PYY, one coat of CGFF top coat again.  Whew. 

I notice when I put a top coat on before glitter I have an easier time removing glitter polishes.  I think this mani is going to outlast me, because I'm still wearing it and it has been 5 days with just a little tip wear, no chips or scratches!  With 2 coats of topcoat my nails are hard!  Plus my thumb nail broke last week so I had to file down all my nails to even them out.  :(  So, I noticed my manis last longer when my nails are shorter.

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