Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Orly - Space Cadet - From the Vault


Today I'm showing you Orly's Space Cadet (OSC), from the 2010 Cosmic Fx line.  My husband says I look like a "rocker chic" when I wear this.  OSC is a teal based polish with minerals than change color depending on the angle of light.  It truly looks like it's from outer space.  OSC is a bit thin and watery and needs two good coats.  I noticed it is easily worn out and I have tried to layer it with a teal color on the bottom but the minerals seemed to get lost when I layer it, so I just wear it plain.  It dries fast though.  Below are pictures of it plain.  One coat of Orly Bonder base coat, 2 coats OSC, 1 coat China glaze fastforward top coat.  Enjoy!

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