Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ulta - Material Girl

I have luke warm feelings about this nail polish.  The color in the bottle is what sold me and more micro holo glitter!  UMG is a goopy deep magenta colored polish loaded with glitter, which the glitter unfortunately, gets buried in the color.  It surprisingly, dries fast to a rough and matte finish. Me NOT likey! Since the glitter is causing all the roughness I thought I would test out two of my favorite top coats, plus add some much needed shine.  My left hand wears Revlon quick dry top coat (RQD) and right hand wears, China Glaze Fastforward top coat (CGFF).   Shiney-ness was about the same between the two top coats, both dried quick, (1-2 minutes) dry to touch.  However, CGFF is a better leveler, as my right hand fingers felt and looked smoother. 
What I used: One coat Orly’s Nail defense base, two coats UMG, one coat RQD or CGFF top coats.
No top coat.

China glaze FF top coat.

top - CGFF, bottom RQD top coats.

Flash picture to try to capture sparkle.  It does look darker in lower light.
Top photos are more true to color.
I picked up Ulta’s material girl (UMG) during this month’s buy 2 get 2 free ulta polishes.  Ulta, regular price $6.
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