Friday, December 30, 2011

Barry M - Dusky Mauve

Barry M's Dusky Mauve (BMDM) was much talked about over the course of 2011, I hope I don't bore you, but this was my work mani this week and its still a unique and pretty color worth posting.  I have never been able to find the Revlon dupe, and why buy Chanel's Paradoxal when you can get Barry M off of eBay for around four quid?  Or eight U.S. bucks with shipping.

I'm not sure how to describe BMDM appropriately, but I would say it a brown grey base with a strong purple shimmer.  Some people have described it as a duo chrome, and I can see why but what is the second color in duo-chrome?  I see purple but nothing else.  BMDM's formula was smooth and easy to apply, opaque in two coats.  I've been told it's a classy color, looks like it came from a magazine.  Why thank you.

Incandescent lighting. Purple shimmer is downplayed here.

God save the Queen.  The postage is so pretty, I love it!
Barry M nail paints are only 10 ml, 2/3 the size of a China Glaze bottle, I did not know this so I was a little taken a back when my first Barry M bottle arrived.  I hope it doesn't dry out faster.  Overall, I'm very happy with this polish.



  1. OOOOH THE PARADOXAL DUPE!!!! There are so many dupes for this color that the cheaper, the better imo! I couldn't get into this shade, although it does look quite nice on others!

  2. Happy New Year Miss Jenni Leeeeeeee! I'm really glad I discovered your blog and got a chance to know you through it =] Keep crankin out awesome posts for this upcoming year! :D