Monday, December 5, 2011

China Glaze - First Mate

China Glaze - First Mate (CGFM) is from the Anchors away 2011 collection and is a dusky deep blue with a touch of grey.  The camera did not pick up the subtle color shade and looks a bit brighter than in real life.  CGFM is a gorgeous deeply pigmented creme! Smooth application and really wears well, I had it on for two full days and no tip wear or shrinkage.  I had to take it off because I was going to work. :( 

I was a purist again - all China Glaze - strong adhesion base coat, 2 coats of CGFM, one coat CG fast forward top coat.

You have to hand it to China Glaze, fabulous formula, beautiful color, well priced.  This month Sally's is having a 2 for $10 sale on CG.  China Glaze has got to be my favorite nail polish brand, big 3 free, no animal testing, high quality, great value, lots of colors to choose from, on trend...  easy to find, easy to buy.  Orly is a close second.

What is your favorite brand?

LOVE LOVE LOVE!  I will be wearing this year round.


  1. omg, this color looks absolutely outstanding on you!!!! you made me want to use mine again (: i picked mine up at ulta on sale, it was like 2.99 cause they were clearancing a bunch of the old polishes :D

  2. Thanks, Sneakerette! Don't you love the clearance bin. I B line there!

  3. ooo this is very solid and smooth looking. nooby me haven't heard of this brand but i'll check it out if i ever come across it.

  4. Thank you lover for food and Arrow, welcome to my blog!