Monday, December 12, 2011

Zoya - Sarah

I have a beautiful red for you today.  Zoya's Sarah (ZS).  This is my fourth bottle of nail polish from Zoya, and the formulas have all been fantastic.  Highly pigmented, smooth, and easy to apply formulas.  ZS is the same shade of red as China Glaze's Ruby pumps (CGRP), sans glitter, with gold foil shimmer added.  Usually golds don't work on me, since my skin tone is cool. (I have blue veins and pink nail beds.) However ZS does coordinate with my skin tone, I think because the red is a blue based red, rather than yellow based. For example, orangy-reds are yellow based.  Now that I have ZS I can't decide what to wear for Christmas, CGRP or ZS???

See the gold foil shimmer?

Tried to reduce glare in this photo.
I got ZS from Ulta, $8.  Gorgeous red!  Vegan formula, cruelty free, Big 3 free!  LOVE!

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