Saturday, December 17, 2011

Orly – Mattified Androgynie

Androgynie – neither masculine nor feminine, yeah that’s about right. 
I’ve had Androgynie for a couple of months and became reluctant to try it because of the lukewarm reviews online.  So, when I finally did, all I had in my mind was doubt, doubt, doubt.

Androgynie is a black jelly with mini gold glitter and multicolor hexagon glitter.  It looks like it’s from outer space.  Great concept, poor execution, I will tell you why. 
The jelly applies nicely, but the glitter settles at the bottom of the bottle, so I ended up shaking the bottle after painting every other finger.  The black is a bit dark and covers up the glitter that is on the first coat, and the second coat the glitter gets lost and the polish looks murky.  So, I decided to try to pick up some individual glitters out of the bottle by dipping the brush in and letting the polish run off the brush by itself, then dabbing the glitter on to the nail.  That helped kind of, still murky.  So I added INM’s Northern Lights holo glitter top coat (teeny tiny, nano glitter), which helped brighten Androgynie a bit.   This was a lot of effort.  Was it worth it?  Probably not for most people, but I was okay with it.   But wait, I’m not done.
So, I wanted to do something different and added Orly’s Matte Top at the end.  I’m glad I added INM’s top coat first, because Matte top dries slowly.  The glitter seems to stand out more with the matte coat, perhaps because the glare from shiny top coat is removed.  Matte top adds an interesting effect.  After a couple of days the polish really started to grow on me.  I may revisit this polish again.

Dear hex glitter, why won't you come out to play?

What I used: Orly’s nail defense base, 2.25 coats of Androgynie, one coat INM’s northern lights silver holo top coat, one coat Orly’s Matte top coat.  Androgynie is from the Holiday soriee collection. $5.99 Sally’s.
On the side note, I think this polish would be great maybe as a two polish set, one bottle black, and the other just clear with the glitters.  Are you listening Orly?  Probably not... Oh, well.
Thanks for watching and enjoy your weekend!


  1. This is sooo pretty in the bottle, too bad it doesn't look the same on the nails =( I still like how it looks though!
    Have you seen The Lacquer Room's recent swatch of it? She kept her bottle upside down before using it, and that helped! Maybe you can try that next time, cause shaking the bottle after every finger sounds so inconvenient lol

  2. Thanks Sneakerette! I just went to Lacquer room's blog - awesome!