Thursday, December 22, 2011

My attempt at Christmas tree nails....

So.... I was really inspired by Jane from Nailside with all of tape designs, especially her Christmas tree nails.  I don't have Konad kit, nor am I ambidextrous, so tape designs seemed like a good choice for me.  Jane has two designs and regular tree and an abstract tree.  I have yet to try the abstract tree.  Well, the regular Christmas tree design, which I read the tutorial for, seemed simple enough, until execution. 

I had trouble figuring out where exactly to lay the tape, at what angle and where to put the points.  I also had trouble visualizing how the tree was going to turn out.  I used clear Scotch tape, and when I thought the shape of the trees were right they really were not.  Trees are supposed to be wider on the bottom, but mine did not turn out that way... oh, well.  There more like streaky, lop-sided, skinny Tim Burton style trees.  Check them out, don't laugh....

China Glaze Sea Spray is the background color,
Orly's shine on crazy diamond is the glitter.

China Glaze's red pearl is the tree color.

I thought I waited long enough to prevent streaks, not so, shine on crazy diamond and China Glaze's FF top coat,
both streaking after 10 minutes.

Here I used Sally' Hansen's Twinkle Twinkle,
the red was dry to touch, no streaks.

China Glaze's Lorilei's tiara, index finger, too thick, the tape did not come off cleany. 
CG's Love Marilyn, middle finger did much better,
but my hubby said it looked like a blob instead of a tree.
I probably just need more practice, I'm going to try this design again.... if I have time. We will see.

If anyone knows of a dupe for Sally Hansen's Twinkle Twinkle, please share.  It is a very nice holo hex glitter, but not cruelty free.  I bought it before I decided to stop buying cruelty free makeup, which I still do on accident.

Jane from Nailside is very creative and has all kinds of tape designs and tutorials.  She's inspirational and her nails are super neat, they are PERFECT. 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Practice really does make perfect. Don't give up! =]
    I really like the colors you used though! It looks kinda tribal :D

  2. @Sneakerette: Thanks! I can always count on you to comment. That way it doesn't feel so lonely out here.