Saturday, December 24, 2011

China Glaze Red Pearl with Stars

Well, I’m not sure if this is Christmas-y, but this mani was intended to be Christmas themed. 
China Glaze’s Red Pearl (CGRP), this is an old bottle I bought in the Fall of 2008. The label is falling apart but the formula is still in excellent shape, and it still performs like fresh polish.  I did not store it in any special way; it has just been sitting in my bathroom for three years!  Gasp, I know you’re not supposed to store nail polish in a humid bathroom, but somehow this one has lasted!
CGRP is a classic, bright, blue based, medium red with a pearl finish.  I had forgotten what a great polish this is, thank goodness it is now part of CG’s core line. 
I added some white rainbow stars, which were not hard to apply.  After I painted my nails, I just dabbed top coat on my nail where I wanted the stars.  Then I placed a dot of top coat on a tray and dipped a pen cap in it.  Then I used the pen cap with top coat on it to pick up the star, and then placed the star on my nail. Then I lightly pressed down. I used two coats of CG FF top coat on the nails with the stars, they are still quite bumpy, and the stars are pretty big and thick so I don’t think they are ever going to lay flat.  The little teeny solid stars do lay flat though, some of the small stars sank into the polish.  I keep picking at the stars because they are sticking out, so, I don’t know how long this mani is going to last. Habit of a nail biter, I think.
Right hand, with just an accented ring finger.  Here you can appreciate the color of CG's Red Pearl.

Left hand.

I know, my poor ring fingernail broke last week.

What I used for this mani.

What the stars look like.

I used two coats of Nail Armor, according to directions, two coats of CGRP, one coat of CGFF top coat, two top coats on nails with stars.
Stars were $3.99 at Sally's. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend, Merry Christmas!

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