Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wet N Wild Spoiled - Black Mamba (BM)

BM is a black and silver metallic foil polish that was a breeze to apply.  Thick and not sticky, this polish reminded me of Ulta's Alter Ego.  The paint just flowed from the brush at an even pace. I did not have to keep dipping and readjusting, no bald spots, no cuticle drag... so very nice.  Two coats with Revlon's quick dry top coat.

Side Note: According to National Geographic, the black mamba, because of its venom, is the world's most deadliest snake.  I did not know this and bumped into this information when googling black mamba.  I thought it was some kind of dance.... WRONG, O WRONG!  Not only is the black mamba the world's deadliest snake, its not even black.  Its actually a pretty tan color but the inside of its mouth is the color of THIS NAIL POLISH. GROSS!  I don't have copyright permission, so click here (Nat'l Geo) and here (for inside of mouth pics, scroll down).

Thanks, Wet N Wild for totally creeping me out!  I forgot how beautiful this polish is and how it is a nice alternative to black.



  1. LOL i thought it was a dance too! so when i saw the color, i was like hm thats odd, it sounded like a fun dance but why is the color so dark?! totally the opposite of what i was expecting. thats a really interesting color though, it seems like its got a brown duochrome going on!

  2. @Sneakerette: No brown duochrome, it is pure black and silver. I think, something must be reflecting back to the camera. I probably should buy a light box. WNW has all these crazy names in this line, kind of fun! :)