Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wet N Wild - Spoiled - Magic Carpet Ride - Swatched and Layered

I have another WNW Spoiled polish to show you!  Magic Carpet Ride.... a pink with a hint of purple with a lot of sliver shimmer.  The formula is quite thin and this is three coats.

Magic Carpet Ride reminds me of some of those holographic polishes, but without the holographics.  They too are ususally pastels that are really shimmery. I have a hard time finding holo polishes. I know they are on eBay but I'm not going to get into a bidding war over nail polish or buy them for $30 a bottle.  I also wonder why China Glaze stopped making their line of holos?  There seems to be a strong demand for them.  Hits from Brazil makes a bunch of them but they are not big-3-free so that's not an option, for me. 

So.... I had the idea to add some nano-holographic glitter.  I used the term nano (10 to the negative 9th power) in relative terms not literally. I added INM's Out The Door, Northern Lights, holographic top coat.  I have another holo glitter polish, Orly's Shine on Crazy Diamond, that has bigger pieces of aluminum powder (holographic material), but in terms of glitter size Orly's Shine on Crazy Diamond is like micro-glitter (10 to the negative 6th power).  Anyways.... the results were pretty subtle.  In person, the glitter is much more apparent and really pretty to look at.

Indirect Sunlight.  You can really see it in the bottle.

Direct Sunlight.
INM's Out The Door, Northern Lights, holographic top coat dries to touch in 45 seconds and doesn't require another top coat.  The glitter settles to the bottom of the bottle pretty quickly so you have to work fast or keep shaking it.  I let my bottle sit upside down for a little while before I start rolling it around to mix the polish.  I got mine at Sally's, I think for $5.99?  WNW, spoiled is $1.99 at CVS.



  1. wow i dont even remember seeing this one! it's understated, but really really pretty :D

  2. I love the combo!! That top coat is gorgeous too!

  3. northern lights look sooo beautiful! have you tried wearing it alone?

  4. Thanks everyone.

    @kumiko: I haven't tried Northern lights alone. My nails aren't very pretty bare. They are kind of yellow, from all the nail polish. :(