Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wet N Wild Spoiled - Show Me the Money

I'm not really a fan of green nail polish or green glitter polish because it reminds of Liza Minnelli's character, Sally Bowles in the movie, Cabaret.  Well, I thought I would be open minded and try out this bottle, Wet N Wild's, Spoiled, Show Me the Money (SMM).  SMM is clear based polish with small green hexagon glitter and smaller green and gold glitters.  I did not wear this alone because my nails are a little yellow, and despite the fact I wear base coat religiously; gold glitter accentuates my yellow stains.  So, I layered it over Revlon's Colorstay Bare Bones, and China Glaze's Go Go Pink. 

Over Revlon's Bare Bones, one coat.

Up close.

One coat, over China Glaze's Go Go Pink.  Looks like speckled Easter eggs.

I liked this combo better than over Bare Bones.

I was not going to wear this by itself so I swatched on some nail wheels, to show how it builds.

Over some other polishes.  This might be interesting over grey.
This brush is rounded on both sides.
Previously, I posted WNW's Papa-Paparazzi and the brush was only rounded on one side. It must be an inconsistency in manufacturing. Either way both brushes worked really well.  I didn't have any problems with either one of them.

If you want to see what I mean about Liza Minnelli's green nails, here's a video. You can see her nails in the first 20 seconds and the video is fitting, she sings about Money.  I had to watch this movie in college for an literature class, and to this day I have no idea why.  Liza Minnelli's character is kind of a user and she's sleeping with two guys who happen to be gay and the two gay guys are also sleeping with each other.  Jeeze... this all takes place in pre-World War II Berlin, and I kept thinking while watching the movie, "there's a huge war that's about to happen, people.  Instead of messing around, why don't you get the hell out of Europe?" 

So that is why I don't have much green in my collection, but I actually like this green lightly layered over another polish.  This might be nice over a soft blue too.

WNW spoiled line is only at CVS, $1.99. 

Thoughts?  I appreciate all comments.


  1. i went to 2 cvs's today and i didn't see their spoiled line anywhere D:
    this is a really cute green! it reminds me of grass. and grass reminds me of cows... mooooo

  2. Hmmm.... well the CVS near my house has them in the seasonal aisle next to all the Valentine's day candy - weird. But its totally ransacked so it must not be a bad place to put them. I read somewhere there are 79 shades and you can get them at shipping $5.49, for as many as you want... I think. I forgot where I read it.