Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wet N Wild - Spoiled - I Don't Drink Cheap Wine Swatch

"I Don't Drink Cheap Wine" (IDDCW).  Yeah, well I wear cheap nail polish, and its not too bad.  WNW's IDDCW is a deep burgundy shimmer, with a really nice formula.  Two easy coats and would be really great for fall and winter.  Some of my co-workers are still sporting around some dark fall and winter colors, so I figured this might be my last chance to wear something like this, until next September. 

My middle finger nail broke, so now I'm debating, should I file them all down?

Really fat moppy brush this time.
I have to agree with Sneakerette, about the brushes, on this one.  I haven't had any real problems until now.  All the brushes are different, some are curved, some are flat, some are lop sided, some are frayed, but they are all super soft and thick.  This one however felt like I was trying to paint with a floor mop.  So, I really had to spend more time cleaning up this manicure. 

My solution to this problem might be to use a brush from an older nail polish.  I have some empty nail polish bottles sitting around.  I poured the old polish out on to some newspaper, let it dry and discard.  In the meantime, I filled the bottle with some acetone to clean it, the bottle and the brush, and poured that out, into the trash, not down the sink.  Pour a little fresh acetone into the empty bottle.  I haven't done this but I would think you could use that old brush (after it dried from cleaning) to paint, and then when you are done, rinse it in the bottle with the fresh acetone in it.  ?? Good idea?


  1. ahh so sorry to hear that you finally got one of the wonky brushes :/ at least you had an experience with some of their better ones, so i guess it's a good idea to check the brushes on these before purchasing. that's actually a really good idea about the acetone polish bottle! i wish i had more empty polish bottles so i could just pour them into those instead and not have to fuss over them. you did a great job with clean up btw!

  2. the color looks very formal and classic but omg when i saw the brush i LOL'd a little because i know zilch about nail polish but that one looked weird!

    oh and what caught me to comment is the part where u said you have empty nail polish... you finish a nail polish? how awesome are you!? :D

  3. This is gorgeous! Kind of looks like a dupe for OPI The One That Got Away.

  4. @ Sneakerette: thanks!

    @ Kumiko Mae: LOL, No I've never finished an entire bottle of nail polish. I pour them out when they are too old. I keep thinking I'm going to franken some polishes so I save empty bottles.

    @Patrice: Thank you! I'm sure there are a ton of similar polishes like this out there.