Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wet N Wild Spoiled - Use Protection Layered & Swatched

Hey guys!

Today's post is a little picture heavy because I went crazy taking pictures and then was indecisive when editing.  First I will show you Wet N Wild's Spoiled, Use Protection (UP) polish layered with Revlon's Colorstay in Midnight, then (UP) alone.  Jeeze what a mouthful.  By the way, Use Protection?  What a name?  Use protection against what?  STDs?  EeeeWWW!

So here it is layered, over a dark creme, Revlon's Midnight.

Layering this over a dark polish really shows off the glitter.

See the hex glitters?  Nice color combo.

In the fourth photo you can see the hexagon glitters.

Now here it is by itself. Two coats.

Sheer jelly, and without a dark base, the holo glitters are lost in the jelly.  Since it is sheer this polish is now so versatile.

No.  I did not wear this out.  Just demo.

Umm, I would say UP is definitely intended to be layered.  Do you agree?  Aqua jelly with various hex glitters.  The combination of glitters is so well balanced and the color choices were done really well.  I reminds me of marine life, and UP should be called Under the Sea or Finding Nemo or the Little Mermaid.... or something else, not Use Protection.  UP is so gorgeous in the bottle and when layered over a dark color, but not alone. Also, I think UP might be a dupe for a Sinful Colors glitter as well, but I did not confirm.
CVS, $1.99, cruelty free, big 3 free, can't complain.

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  1. ahhh another GORGEOUS spoiled polish! i'd love to see this layered over a pastel color! :D

  2. hmmmm .... I'll have to try that!

  3. ooh I really like the first color, it reminds me of the cosmic print!

  4. @ Pop Champagne: Isn't it amazing its the same polish?

  5. I put 4 layers on and it came out amazing on its own! It dries really quickly, too.