Wednesday, March 28, 2012

China Glaze - Prismatic - Full Spectrum

I went to Sally's two days ago and I thought; holy smokes! They had their prismatic collection out for sale and it was already half ransacked!!!  The release date was suppose to be April 1st?  I was only able to get Full Spectrum and Optical Illusion.  I was waiting for Wet N Wild's (WNW) Coloricon collection to show up at CVS but I still haven't seen them yet.  Some bloggers have already gotten a hold of WNW's dupes and I thought I would get those first since they are half price.  Well, guess not.  Here is Full Spectrum, two coats layered over Zoya's Dove. 

Photos are a little dark, but the glare was blinding.  I had to stop down one exposure value.

Here you can see the purple iridescence more.

Up close.
From a far, Opitcal Illusion looks like a sparkely, metallic violet.  Up close you can see it contains super fine silver glitter and small multicolor hex glitters with in a violet, iridescent, and transparent base.  On its own you would be able to see your natural nail underneath, unless you piled on muliple coats.  Which I think is a waste, and also a royal pain to remove.  So layering over a solid base color is a nice solution. 

Sally's $5.99.  The whole Prismatic collection is also available at if you don't mind mail order.


  1. oh wow so shiny!! reminds me a cool pair of heels I wanted to get around christmas!

  2. im really indifferent about the polishes in this collection, but i do like the violet sheen this one radiates (: