Friday, March 23, 2012

Two Shy of a Dozen

March of 2012 was definitely at lamb here on the east coast of the U.S.  Today I have an Easter/Spring mani to share.  When is Easter this year?
Speckled Eggs!

Up Close.
From the side.  I went crazy taking pictures.

This was a really easy mani to create.  Two coats of China Glaze's famous For Audrey with Martha Stewart's brownstone glitter, lightly sprinkled.  I poured maybe 1/4 of a teaspoon of glitter onto a paper towel, dipped a clean dry brush into the glitter then tapped the brush over the wet nail to sprinkle the glitter.  A quarter of a teaspoon was more than plenty of glitter. 

Glitter was $5.99 from Micheal's Arts and Crafts, and will last me a lifetime!
What I used.
I used INM's Out the Door top coat first because it is relatively thin and fast drying.  China Glaze's Fast Forward top coat is the final top coat to seal and level.
Any dry soft brush will do.  This is just the one I used.
Below is the inspiration.  Last year, I bought a bird house in the shape of a Robin's egg from a thrift store for $3, and lucky me, two small birds, husband and wife, decided to nest in it and have three baby birds!  Two survived and the second photo they are leaving on their first flight.  The two adult birds were super busy filling the birdhouse with twigs and then once the eggs hatched they were back and forth with food all day long.   It was a privilege to be a host for a family of birds. 
Here's the birdhouse. Two baby birds, with their heads peeking out.
If we went anywhere near the nest, the mother bird would squawk at us, loudly.  So we snapped a whole bunch of bad pictures when she left and ran back inside.  Only one or two photos came out okay.

Here are the last two, on their last day in the nest.  
After a few weeks the baby birds were too big to stay in the nest and were pushing each other around, one fell out and died.  Above are the last two, on their last day in the nest.  Shortly after I snapped this photo they flew off and we never saw them again.



  1. :( poor birds!! But I think you paid them a beautiful tribute with your awesome mani!! It looks flawless!

  2. @ Patrice: I hope the birds are okay, they got a good start living on my deck though! :)

  3. The bird house looks so cute! Used to have one but the parent birds died and lefts tiny egg. So tragic cause I think our cat ate them!! I'm a bad mother!

    I really liked what you did with your nails as that type of green is dear to me:)

  4. thats a really cool combo. i think aqua could look good with anything! its so sad to hear about the birdie that fell out though. poor thing :/

  5. @Kumiko: I have a cat too and thankfully there was no way she could get up there.

    @Sneakerette: I think you might be right about aqua. I know... no one seemed to mourn the loss of the third bird, the parents just kept on working and more food for the other two siblings. Nature.