Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Zoya - Dove

Today I have a beautiful pale grey to show you from Zoya's Intimate 2011 Collection.  Dove is such a soft, cool and calming color, I just love it and I can't get enough!  I hope I captured it in the photos below.

Two coats.

Up Close.

Even closer.

In this picture the color seems softer than the first photo to me for some reason. 
Maybe because it is a little lighter than the first photo?
Unfortunately, Dove is one of those tacky pastels that can be hard to apply.  The first time I wore this, I applied three coats and it was a sticky mess that took longer than normal to dry.  The first coat applies unevenly and thin.  The second coat builds very well, but takes some skill in consistently getting just the right amount of paint on to the brush and covering all the bald spots.  I think the trick with some pastels is to get the best two possible coats on and leave well enough alone.  Hopefully, the top coat fixes any unevenness, which it did.  If I start to fix any smudges or unevenness with a third coat it starts to become thick and tacky.  The other approach which I haven't tried is to let the first two coats dry completely before applying a third coat.  Like I said... (which I say to myself, really)...is to know when to leave well enough alone. 

Now that I've said all of that, just look at what I did to ruin this manicure....

I love wearing grey and brown together, so I thought I would experiment and do a glitter french with my new brown glitter....  I totally hated how this turned out, and should have left things alone!  Sheesh, so after an hour of doing this manicure, I had to start all over again!

Has this ever happened to you?


  1. tacky pastel? yikess! the color is really nice though, i would have never guessed that it's a tricky one to apply!
    argg designs can be really time consuming cause they don't always translate as awesomely from your head to the execution :/ i haven't done a design in so long cause its nice to just paint my nails and not have to worry about the minor details that i get so caught up in w/nail art :D

  2. @ Sneakerette: yes I agree, about nail art. Plus sometimes simplicity is beautiful too.

    @ Pop Champagne: thanks! :)

  3. i was surprised to see you sport a pale gray since i know its spring and colorful there. but it looks very pretty. i have to agree, you should've let it stay on its own. i didnt like how the glitter french turned out too. maybe w a diff color? :D

    BTW how did you do such perfect glitter tip?

  4. @ Kumiko: I used round stickers to do a french manicure. You can use dot stickers or hole reinforcement stickers. The base color has to be completely dry before placing the sticker. I usually wait about three hours.