Friday, March 30, 2012

Sinful Colors - Green Ocean

Okay people, brace yourselves, as you are about to see a GORGEOUS flakie from Sinful Colors named Green Ocean.  One coat layered over Sinful Colors, Exotic Green.

On the pinky finger, some of the flakies are pretty big.

View at a sharp angle. Duochrome flakies shift from blue to aqua.

See some hex glitter in there?  Macro shot.
Green Ocean is a duo chrome flakie polish in a light green translucent base with some hex glitters. The flakies shift from aqua to blue depending on the light and angle.  Green Ocean is unspectacular alone and was definitely intended to be layered over a solid color.

This was easy to apply and a great way to recycle an old mani.  I just touched up some tip wear with Exotic Green and applied one coat of Green Ocean and one coat of Revlon's quick dry top coat.  Some of the flakies were sticking up so I had to gently push them down with some tweezers and applied one more coat of top coat.

I have to say removing this was similar to removing a glitter polish I had to use pure acetone and wrap my fingers with saturated cotton balls and wait a few minutes before wiping.  I always unravel cotton balls and turn them into strips to remove polish.  That way there's more surface area to use, thus less waste.  Also I completely saturate the whole ball so that there isn't any "lint" that is left on the nail.

Zoya makes a similar polish but the flakies aren't as big.  Plus Sinful Colors is only $1.99 vs. $8 for Zoya.  BARGAIN!  I have Zoya's Chole from their flakie collection it looks to me like the flakies are smaller, there are no hex glitters, and the color shifting might be different.

I got Green Ocean at Walgreens in a St. Patrick's day display, way after the holiday, so it might still be around.  Judging from other bloggers this might be available year round???

If you are interested in Exotic Green, the base color, click on yesterday's post.



  1. Yours is amazing! Unfortunately mine got gunky really fast and thinner did nothing for it :( at least I can see it's full beautiful potential now! Nice post!

  2. whoaaaa amazing!!! i can't seem to find green ocean anywhere, although i've been on the lookout for it since forever haha